Wordporn-Series : A father’s Love


From the moment I laid eyes on you. From The moment I first saw and felt you
From the moment those beautiful eyes looked Unpon mine
My whole world stopped and then revolved around you

From the tiny sparkles in your eyes
From  your lips from where you did smile
From the loving squeeze you gave my large fat hand
My heart swelled with love like a fountain and enveloped you because you were mine

From the moment you began to say my name
From the moment I first saw you play in the rain
From the very first time you ran to me in tears for the love you never gained
My entire resolve broke, because I had promised to keep you from  the turmoil of heart’s pain

From the moment you found another to take my place
From the moment you came showing me your most treasured price
From the moment I saw you standing there..beautiful and elegant ..with love in your eyes
My smile broadened, the tears dropping..I knew it was time to say goodbye

From the moment I watched you leave, hand in hand..
From the moment I let you go and watched your recinding back
From the moment I realised you weren’t a little girl anymore..
My heart accepted that you made the right choice..but it doesn’t stop me from loving you ….because from the first day I saw you..I knew one day you would go and be with another who would love you just like me ..but only better..because he would be your lover and your forever ..and that’s always a prayer for a child by a loving father.



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