Darkside 12.. Suspicion



“Maggie hasn’t ever missed to call me on my birthday; and that was two days ago. that’s awfully strange not to hear anything from her”… worry crosses Mrs micheal’s fine forehead

“And her number rang a few times earlier on, now it doesn’t even connect.
Her message over a week ago had been brief and void of all details . She said she was going out of town for a while And will get back to me when she gets back ..But that was a while ago and am worried sick about maggie” she clunged the wire as she spoke into the receiver as she rested on the side of her bed .

“She said she was going out of town???
She told us she wasn’t feeling well and would leave town to you if it gets worse, how can you possibly say she isn’t with you Mrs micheals? ?…. Tonia asked at the other end of the line 

Vicky stood behind her ,listening in.

“Oh dear, do you think something has happened to my Maggie? ? When last was she seen? Have you gone to her place?  What if she is so sick and bed ridden and was too careless to tell me not wanting me to worry…or worse??
Tonia felt Mrs micheals fear seep through her as well.

She wondered if she should tell her that Maggie isn’t at home either, it would only make her worry even more, but this was over a week.
If Maggie wasn’t at home, and she wasn’t with her mother and nowhere else, then it’s a thing for worry.
They needed to file a missing person’s report.

“She hasn’t been at home for that period of time either. And none of her friends have heard anything from her too..and if she isn’t with you then—” She let’s her words trail off

Mrs micheal stands up from her bed slowly…
“Oh my god!!!”..her eyes filling.
“Do you possibly think something awfully has happened to my Maggie? ?
“What should we do…oh my god!!’

“Inform the police.  I believer Maggie has been missing for over a week. Way past time to report for a missing person because it ought to be after 24 hours but it’s already a couple of days…let’s hope she is some where safe and decided to take time off work and family, but to be on the safe side..let’s inform the police”  ..Tonia stated

“Don’t worry Mrs micheal,  am sure Maggie is fine. But this is just a precaution .’

“I would be there in a few hours . I can’t be here waiting by the phone. Let me have your address please.”

The line went dead.

She turns to vicky and shakes her head.
Vicky turns pale.
“Something is awfully awfully wrong with Maggie,  oh god I can feel it”  she sat at the edge of the chair

“Hey…Stop it vicky. Am scared too. But if you are like that,  how am I supposed to keep a straight head?”.

“Come, let’s go to the station.  ” .Tonia drags vicky after her.


“Lets have her details and a picture of her please?”..
A lady who seemed to have a fixed face and pointed nose addressed them.
She didn’t smile. She even seemed impatient. 

“Er Maggie micheals. Mid twenties . Brown hair and grey – gold eyes and er..she is isn’t much taller than I am.
She works in thesame boutique as we do ..”His and hers” off at crescent streets.’ She pulls out Maggi ‘s smiling picture and hands it to her.

“Erm..We saw her last about a week ago, she had started dating this guy—

“Name please?” The lady asked…tapping her pen to the desk

“Bob. Bob miccchen! “.. Vicky threw in.

“Where does he work, what does he do, details please ladies. I don’t have time ..you see that line behind you?..she points at a queue of people seated , waiting for their turn

“They all want to talk to me too. So chap chap!!” 

They shifted under her impatient gaze..

“We don’t know what he does . She has been abit secretive about him. Besides she met him at a club. The nightagle club . We frequent there every Friday and she met him that friday, we didn’t see over the weekend and promised to give us details and when we got to work on Monday , she never showed up”.  Tonia finished and breathed .

“So that’s it?
“And she isn’t with family or friends or on a honeymoon?

“See lady, she sends us a text that she is under the weather and would go to her mother’s if it gets worse. But we call the mother today and her mother says her message had been she was going out of town for a bit . But we can’t reach her. See? Two different messages.  It doesn’t make sense   ”

“and her boyfriend ??” Maybe they are together.” The lady officer cuts in, raising her eyebrow indicating of ever thought about that possibility.

“Dimwits ”  she mutters under her breath as she scribbled in her note pad.

Tonia felt like using her purse on the officer’s head. But she held herself.

Vicky chirps in ” Mrs peppie;  Maggie ‘ s neighbour of a few houses down her street said she saw her boyfriend come and leave at odd hours of the day or night. Alone. Once or twice during the week. But Maggie?  She hasn’t seen her either.’

“So Maggie is not at home . Not at her mother’s and no where . Don’t you think something is off? ….vicky finishes

“Fine. How can we contact her boyfriend , this Bob miccchen? ”

Tonia and vicky shifted again  under her gaze and shrugged .

“What does that mean? ?” She eyes them

“We don’t know.”

“How do you mean you don’t know how to contact your friend’s  boyfriend..what kind of friends are you??”

“We didn’t have the opportunity to. But that’s irrelevant at the moment.  The club…The club, they have a clientale database of customers  . Maybe you could check it out.  But please …this is urgent.  She is missing.  Do something.”  Tonia grabs her hand

She pulls away.
“I will file your report and get back to you. Drop your contact details ladies .
Next please ”

She dismisses them and beckons to the next in line. .


Outside .

“That bitch”!! Tonia cursed.
Vicky was silent.

“What are you thinking “..??

“Am thinking we are not going to sit around and wait for news. Let’s go to the club  . We can help too to sped the process.  For the life of me I hope she is sunbathing in a beach in Bahamas instead of in harm’s way ”  .
She flanks down a cab and jumps in, pulling vicky in with her.

“Nightagle please ”  !


“Mr, look we think our friend is in trouble and we just need to find out who the guy is?

“Look ladies, there were alot of guys and girls here that night.
How am I supposed to know the one your friend was with?.

“Am Besides there are about a hundred bobs walking in and out of here a day. Even my bartender  is a Bob . His nephew is a Bob.  And his dad is a bob. ” .

The man that sat across the table of them was a stern no-nonsense man. But it didn’t deter them from their mission.

“Ok. But everyone signs in and out right?
What if we look there.
They left at about 11 pm or there about .
I and vicky left later with our dates that friday night.
We just need a number or a contact address or something. Anything .
Look ! she might be hurt or something . It’s been over a week. Sir,  what if it’s your daughter or sister “…?

Tonia hoped it struck an emotional cord within the hard austere he wore.
And it did .

“Fine. Let’s have a look at the clientele log of that night. It’s against the rules and customers privy agreement to give out information to others. Everyone coming here likes to be descret and we promised them that. Am only doing this just because she might be in danger or maybe she just wants to be alone with her new chap..but in any case .

‘By the way, there is a likely possibility that most people don’t drop their accurate contact just to mislead people you know’..he added . Clicking on his computer and pulling out the nights log

“Let’s hope that’s not the case .

“Yes. Let’s hope’.


“When did this come in Lucy bricks??”… Adam Smith,  the head of homicide asked.

He had just come back from his break.  Holding a cup of coffee and throwing his jacket on the chair and sitting down.

Lucy had starked files on his desk. He quickly went through them, but one caught his attention. .He gets up immediate and goes to his board,  flipping the sheets over , revealing Starkes of pictures of girls..dead.

He placed Maggie ‘ s picture among them and takes a step back…hand under his chin as he compares pictures , taking into detail every thing. .

“This morning.  Two girls came to file the report. Why?”

“Tell my team to assembly in the conference room. ASAP. “..

He forgets his coffee . He opens his draw and pulls out other files and flips through.

Every picture had a girl who had gone missing over the years..
It ranged from as far back as 15 years ago..
All beautiful.
All brown hair, grey eyes or a version of gold.
Average height and petite.
All gone missing. Body never found.
And thesame story. .

He knew they all had to be dead. Because they each had their life. Their dreams and family and there was no where they could just up and leave , all that behind .

There was a serial killer who had been on the loose all this years. Picking his victim and getting rid of them without a trace . Not one
Just a letter written in blood .
At first it was sketchy one, like a child’s , written quickly ..but over the years..the handwriting seemed confident , sure and the girls increased.
And it often read .

“As beautiful as a flower , it thorns are worse than a bee’s sting.
And yet..it doesn’t fail to tug at a heart of one who is inlove and yet gets none in return.
Permit me to sniff at your petals and break you from your beautiful chamber  ..and take you over to the Darkside where we have cookies ‘”

He recognised it..
He read those same words as a kid from a literature he picked up from a library.

“Diaries from a twisted serial killer’ ..

A sick twisted writer who always thought about killing people he hated and leaving rose petals in their mouth . And wrote a diary about it.

When he was in college. The book was banned from the shelves. It was reported as dark and influenced the young minds negatively .
But apparently the killer here took a leaf off the book . But he was smarter  ..not leaving the dead bodies to be found. Instead a letter ..

And for every girl that went missing and he wasn’t able to safe them…
Every night he went to sleep…
He saw them in his dreams,  heard them screaming and begging for help.
He knew they all had to be dead. But he hated himself for not able to do anything.
And it became personal when his niece became his 34th victim. That was about five years ago. And he vowed to make sure he found him and kill him himself.

But everytime  the killer eluded him and he kept having nightmares .
Of having to tell a family that their daughter is gone and presumed dead .
To put up another picture of a girl, full of life and smiling on his board who got her life cut short and presumely tortured and killed and tossed maybe in the sea never to be found.
How can he sleep..??

Maybe this time he would catch him.
Maybe it’s already too late, Afterall it’s over a week. He might be gone and out to another city and already on his next victim..
But he was going to Try. .As he always had…
To follow the trail, cover all lope holes and find the killer and safe the girl ..If it was the last thing he did. .

He picks up other documents and his laptop and leaves from his office. .
Walks into the conference room.

A small crowd of people were seated waiting. ..
He sets up his computer and flicks it on..
Pictures of all the girls appeared on the large screen…
Names, and age and common farmilarity between them..He pointed out..

“Another one?”
“Already dead?
“He might be long gone’!  They chorused  already giving up. Sinking hearts falling off their sleeves

“We don’t know that yet. And we arent giving up untill we know for sure.
So we go back to the begining. Check everything again. See if we missed anything.  He is smart but he isn’t a god . He must have made a mistake. Anything.
We know his type.
But why?
What’s the motive.
Why these pretty girls ?
Why far away from home. ? There has got to be something.
And we need find it. We find it.We find him. We find her..”

“If it isn’t too late”.. Jackson says.

‘For her sake I hope not.
We are working on zero time peole. So get me something within the hour.
Jackson. Come with me. Let’s go pay the family a visit. I hear they are around.
Get to the club tom and get me a name.
People, work it like it’s your sister on the line.  Chap chap!!

“Yesssir’…they chorused.

While he leaves..those words keeps playing over and over in his mind..
There was something there. .
Like it meant something he was supposed to see but kept missing..
He let’s it roll off of his tongue again…
Just as Jackson Pulls out of the car park and headed into town..

As beautiful as a flower , it thorns are worse than a bee’s sting.
And yet..it doesn’t fail to tug at a heart of one who is inlove and yet gets none in return.
Permit me to sniff at your petals and break you from your beautiful chamber  ..and take you over to the Darkside where we have cookies ‘”



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