Be thankful for the little things ..such as life



Be thankful for the little things..or just for life.

Though sometimes you see yourself ,
Separate from the happiness that seep through others
Alone at the corner when life seem to be dealing graciously with so many others without blunder
Cold outside looking in from the window seeing how the smiles plasters a young child’s face while his parents dots on him and little sister be kissing his face
You, Shivering under the fingers of death, baked in despair and knowing that no one cares..
Waiting patiently for life to end..knowing for you this life wasn’t your home in the first place.
But wait  ..
You forget that that’s not the end of the story
Shit happens. But everyone should deal with it, everyone has got a low doesn’t mean we should wallow in our pit of misery
Stand , look, see..someone else is hoping to have those two feets you have, or be able to smile staring at the happiness that child has ,or be able to cry with those eyes, but all they see is darkness and they crawl with their tummy because life too has been unfair.
But their hope is..someone appreciates the fact that being alife and way better than being dead and forgotten.
It sucks not to have all that we want and desire.
It hurts to see others living their life but you are at the end of your own life
It’s okay to be sad. But it’s wrong to let life pass you by without even trying .
It’s okay to try and fail. It’s wrong to stay down and never try again .
It’s okay not to have all that you want..but it’s paramout to be grateful for the little things..and be content that you are alife and that’s all that matters..good things will happen if you not only believe but act. And make sure things work out.
Dreams do come through and miracles happen also .
Above God., he will make all things right.



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