Wordporn-Series : Lesson learnt


Blinking my eyes as much as I could
Letting the shells of darkness fall off
Screaming and crying I hear my mouth go
Shadows and faces and mumblings unknown

Around and around they watch me go
Happiness and joy my little heart did hold
Under the bed and attic they did find
Tucked in my mouth ,my little finger and a stereo playing ‘lullaby.

Boys and cakes seem to be all I could do
Books and college was too much for my own good
Letting the warnings  of ma and pa roll off my back
Months gone by, no husband , am puking all my insides out

“I wish I knew , I wish I might” my thoughts did go
Words of “had I known” ..tightens my chest, reluctant to let go
If only I could. .undo all my uptight rebels
I wouldn’t be lying here..Peering at all the white..ready to bring forth another life

Tiny and beautiful,  a mother’s eyes would mist
Loud and shrill, oh look at her go
Shadows and faces,I hope our murmurs aren’t strange
She blinks and smiles…oh watch how the darkness falls off her eyes

Listen listen ..I say to the little one
Don’t hurry ..take your time..don’t grow up too fast
There are dangers..forget the vanities and take plight
Listen to your mother ..who has been there and done that.



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