Wordporn-Series : For want..for J.Chi




After endless interwined thoughts going back and forth into the cold night of hours untold.
No breaks , no stops..no need to come up for air
We lay on our backs on that silky sheet bed ..connected to nothing but the intricacies of our hearts..
Not minding being afar, because the tell – tell tales of our combined yearning will damn the reality and cause fantasy to be more reality and you would be  ..lying down ..here. completely beside me.
No barrier …no far away thoughts..just you and i…side by side..your eyes mirroring mine. .your breath hot on my chicks..my fingers play tentatively under your chin…
Being sure that this isn’t a dream..that world’s apart don’t mean I can’t have my will..
Tucked within the confines of your warmth..smothered like a child knowing it is loved..bask in this sanity of madness called want and love..
For here in my bed…not far away…Indeed it’s all of you..merely that.. And a lot more..is what I want. .


#JerryChi …your words bring unsuspecting smiles that spark up my eyes..I have to hide behind the curtain of my lash..and I hope they one day..cover your own eyes…



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