Nightmares are made of such things : I hear voices in my head


I Hear voices in my head!!


They speak to me. They know me. .they have all my darkest secrets.
They don’t stop talking. Like shadows they follow me even when am under my bed.
Their eyes are mine and they sound like me. But they aren’t me and no one will ever believe.
They come and go, like the moon and sun, unnoticed , undetected but act  like they belong.
They tell me to do things, they make me enjoy it. But how do I stop them when I can’t even stop myself.
They said she screamed too the shrill of a Loud Banshee .
Why won’t she stop, my head felt like it’s being sliced into slits of pain and utter agony.
They loved her smile and silent baby banter. .would be perfect to have a life still character. .to hold on for a day longer than forever.
They followed me to her crib,  while she wailed uncontrollable nonstop. Why won’t she stop crying but my companions are eager to get the peace back up.
A pillow, a struggle , tiny muffled cry..and then silence and a baby dead in her bed.
They cried with me with laughter in their eyes. Waited while I placed a flower and sang a silent lullaby..
When the sands hit her tiny coffin..made of brown and gold with her pink baby teddy with ribbons and crons
I didnt shed a tear but a wave and a word “goodbye”.
Mother left with a knife to her chest..when I let slip when they said it was a test.
Father laid under a truck when we let it go for want of sudden jest
Micheal loved to dance to the music of nature and twirl baby Maggie in the air..I , they and him went for a walk but we returned for hide and seek and micheal buried under the bridge .
I hear voices in my head.
They speak to me..they know me and though no one believes
How do I stop them when indeed I loathe them but everytime they talk I listen and excitement pump in my chest..
We go together . We act together but all I see is a reflection of me and so many others but yet just me when I pass the corner  but nonstop wispers when I bend to hold myself together.
I hear voices in my head..
Speak to me..tell me what you want for me to do next!!



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