The Bants of A workaholic


The Bants of a workaholic


It didn’t matter.
None of it did. As soon as I stepped into the office and shut door, I knew I was done thinking.

I hated being in a new place where I knew no body.  But I liked that I was away from the endless famzing of people who just want to drain you from knowing you. .feed off of you like pests only when it’s beneficiary and others who don’t give massive shits about you just because you have nothing to offer. .
Everyone needs something …and when you don’t have what they need..they exist you like you are a plaque.
#deep sigh#

So here I am, standing in this room full of strangers. Fidgeting on my toes. Hands warm gathering sweats. Endless rapid beating of the heart within the chest . Thoughts of ..
‘Do I belong here. .?
“Will I make it?
Am I gonna fall on my ass and would they love it..?
“Will I be able to breath without air??”
Of course not…
I will die. That shit just don’t happen in real life..that’s why it’s just called movies..

I sat there, in my little corner.
I hated the spotlight. I rather remain, little to be seen or heard..but important in my element. Well that’s my opinion as I sat in that corner. .taking into cognizance the entirety of my environment.
They came in. .in ones and twos..
The ladies dressed to finish..their hair do was on point ..heels would dig a hole in your chest. Nails painted to immaculate finite. .It could claw your eyes out if you dare to tease it.
I wondered if they preferred looks to what the work entails. .because their look didnt reflect in their sales. But that’s just a matter of speaking.
They guys..they didn’t have much trouble. A tugged in shirt, trousers to fit  and shoes to pair. That was all. Com
But as they sat. .everyman to other men. The talks of beers and bars and girls commenced.  The whistle that went up every now and then when a lady comes in bearing beautiful thighs and hips and heels to announce “the queen is here”.
I wasn’t suprised. .
“Boys will be boys “…it would be strange to act otherwise. .

There I sat,  in my own little corner . Watching and listening like a hawk.
Observing and gathering a vulture and a hunter..circling and targeting. .waiting for the time to jump.
To let loose and show them what I am.
But that would be in due time.
For now…i wait.
For today begins a journey of a life time
And I would only begin if I knew the game.
If not floating would be all I would be doing.  Life is too short not to try living even to the  very least.
Alot to learn..alot to be seen..alot to be achieved ..alot to be…In this strange room.full of strangers while I sat and watched silently at a corner and have endless banters of what is and what is not. But at the end if the is what it is#Wodidis 😆



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