Bants of a workaholic #banter


The Bants of a workaholic


One by one they came down to behold all that their labour had merited.
With excitement and joy in their heart they chatted of how long they have waited.
Filling cars and belly with merriments,  the music of happy voices filled the ambience of the quiet surrounding.
I stood there watching. .not by the corner this time but out in the open..smiling to the words of another just like me but my eyes darting here and there ..appreciating the glow, wishing I had partaked of this sudden enthusiastic feeling that sent tingling to my heart causing a smile to break forth spreading from side to side. .
In another minute ,  it was as quiet as it was before. .people strolling by back to business . Words and chattering on a low while sales return back to progress. 
The daily routine of fields and experts commenced and those on a mission darted out through the exit..a car for each ..a target which seemed ultimately out of reach but ambition isn’t just for the rich…so we sat down, sure we were in turn and into the streets we moved. .while we went in search of our  needs so one can have in constant supply  of  notifications of our special daily survival means.


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