Just  Smile…


It wasn’t just the smile that caught me..it was the sparkle of the eyes that ignited in me the fire that burned till the fill.
It was the the way the face curved upwards ..Causing a little winkle that showed the face had gone through a thousand smiles already..and maybe those winkles were as a result of sadness and hardness..but the ability to hide all life’s facade’ under the cloak of a smile surpasses all human understanding .
It screams I have seen it all…had it all..and still be able to smile through it all..
It means…I don’t have everything ..but having a little is enough to know that I am alife and the will and zeal to keep pushing, to keep living untill I don’t remain where I was..and be in a better place than I used to be..
It means I am able to get it rough and still be able to stand up..
It means I can bleed and have bruised knees but be able to dust myself and mend my wounds and still be able to come out and move..
It means I can cry all night. .but by morning look into the mirror ..clean my eyes and still manage a smile. .
Because life is hard. ..yes we know that much..
And no one said it was going to be easy. ..so don’t expect manna to fall on a platter of gold for you..
So you have to get up your ass, stop the self pity and wallowing…splash water on your face…it ain’t over yet..but before you step out that door…get on your knees and put God first to bless your hustle …He gat you..and most importantly. ..put on a smile…it tells the world and your haters that no matter how many times they put you down and bury you under the ground. .you are never going to stay down..cos you can’t keep a seed down for long..it would spring up into something more beautiful.

Just smile…the world ain’t over yet.
Let your smile radiate from the inside to the outside and let it sparkle. You are made for greater things…. and know this. .
You are amazingly beautiful . Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. .
Smiling is the next best thing you can do with your lips..
The first??…
Lol..don’t get silly…its to pray..
And the third. ..is non of my business…
But…I do hope you all have an amazing day..
Thank you so much for reading and commenting and liking …know you are amazing luvlies…and I do this because you give me a reason to wake up in the morning to write…it doesn’t matter that it’s a random unfiltered thought,  a story or a misplaced poem. …but anything at all…and am grateful for the little show of love. Thank you thank you and have a super aka – amazing day.

Xoxo #Sweetness


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