The Bants of a workaholic #that moment..


The Bants of a workaholic #banter


Woken up to the shrill cry of my alarm. Moments latter am struggling with a conversation with the porcelain god. Which exerted all of my energy .  In  another few minutes am letting the shower run tracks down my body .
I dashed with speed out and into a dress  flying as though I had wings into the first available car I flanked down.
I was heaving heavy  breaths by the time i mounted those steps heading into the office. .which was already crowded ..and as usually i found myself without a seat, second time in a row . A few apologetic smiles was thrown my way.
And as usuall I sat on the roll – able box drawer and relaxed into my corner. ..a place I had slowly embraced..accepted and could verily call my own.
It wasn’t the cluck – cluck heels of the ladies that bothered me much..
Nor the constant banter of the ladies by my right who believed that been loud and forward was right. .
Nor the fact that one of the  newbies like myself was fighting between reality and daydream . .pushing her chair to the wall, away from the preying eyes of the boss ,so she can comfortably sleep into neverland and play swords with Peter pan and captain hook..not that I judged .I smiled rather. .I envied her much..
i myself was fighting between fits full of yawns and concentrating on her..
It wasn’t that she was standing there that bothered me.  Nor the fact that she was immaculately tailored on how she looked..
It was the look on her face that had everyone smiling sheepishly ..
And it was the look on my face , which I didn’t need a mirror to tell ..because looking at the projector light and reading the title of her presentation …I felt a tiny pang of pity for her predicament .

The guys were smiling too broadly and winking without shame. Shaking hands with one another and licking their lips for questions they dare to throw.
The ladies..shifted uncomfortably on their seats..some managed to lock eyes with her. .giving that look of…”You can do it”.
I, on the other hand ..sinked in more into my corner. .
I refused to be her right now…wondering what is going through her mind or how she was going to start. .
It is never usually pleasant being the one in the spot light and having to discuss on delicate and sensitive issues..especially one that excites and at thesame time understandably bashful.
And yet…it bothered me..for I was worried for her.Most especially, for the guys who wouldnt stop dangling their feets side to side and smiling broadly  and licking their lips and winking at her..
And she reluctantly began…
“Sex is….”..
I sunk even deeper into my seat…covering my face with a large book and hide in my corner..
As soon as she was done. ..
I wasn’t suprised when the first question was asked. a notorious ..
‘First. ..Thank you for that presentation..Good one..
My question goes like this….
“How is Sex performed ……”..
I cringed,  biting my lower lip and refusing to look..but from the corner of my eyes….the blush up her cheeks that turned into a bright red was every indication that she wished she wasn’t standing there right now.
Like food for the growling loins whose aim is to taunt and tease. .till she quakes ..and in a way….I wished her wish could come through. ..
But wishes aren’t tangible. That shit just don’t work in real life. Maybe just for Aladin and genie..and those aren’t even real.


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