Bants of a workaholic


Bants of a workaholic! !


Anticipation of the day robbed me of my sleep.
The dust of the streets cause me to shield my delicate eyes from breeze
The usual ambience of the office and the bustling of people going about like bees
And as usual I located my little corner and waited for everyone to settle in.
And as usual, the start of the day began with smiles from a happy chap.
Dark as his skin. Well suited in his kit. A broad smile played tentatively around his lips. The spark in his eyes caused everyone to return that smile.
Though giddy as though drunk..He dropped such profound information that got everyone cheering and hailing him for such niceties.
During all these happy banters…my mind shifted to the task of the heart beating faster than it should ..I crossed my fingers behind my back…
“Let today smile on me’.. I muttered.
I stared Into their eyes..reading them as though a book. They were two.Indecisiveness played around them like flies circling a poop by the roadside wondering whether to feast. I pressed further.
My toes caused such searing pains inside my shoes but the task at hand needed to be closed. But like they say..
“You can take a horse to the river but you can’t force him to drink”..
I felt my hopes falling down along my sleeves..crumbling to the ground and staring back at me from the ground.
And with a deep sigh..I picked it up and dusted it, wearing it back as though a badge.
“Tomorrow is another day”…
Back of the day slowly unfold in my mind. The tick – tick sound of the clock coupled with the drum beats of my heart sounded worse than the sounds of a cheap budget movie.
I flipped over on the bed. Burying my head under the pillow..Causing my thoughts to stay still ..
‘No one said it was going to be easy..
But you could at least try to beat all odds’
…filtered through my thoughts and calmed my throbbing head.
‘Work hard so you don’t have to introduce yourself ”
I wondered where I heard that from?? But it sounded soothing nontheless.
Another deep sigh. Lights off. Eyes closed.
“I live to fight another day”..



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