Bants of a workaholic! ! Those random days


Bants of a workaholic! !


The day had begun with intensity . Pressure on the belt. Sweaty nervous palms. Heart beating faster than it should. Uncertainty played around  the edges. My head didnt seem it wanted to remain on my shoulders. But for that fact it had no choice. 
“We are in it together “…my shoulders told my neck who told my head and who nodded in confirmation . The lady at the reception table nodded back…but she had no idea it was just conversational -self -reflex. But why make her raise her eyebrows questionly at me if I did tell her…
“I was just communicating with my shoulders ,neck and fine head”..
Ah mean C’mon. .right?
I digress.
I slowly mounted the stairs. My bag weighed heavily on my shoulders. Stock of yesterday remained one missing a family member in there.  They all seemed to cozy up nice and good inside the confines of my bag. I sighed.
I dreaded the eye contact I am to make and questions asked that I won’t be able to answer. And more pressure mounted that I had no idea how to come out from and maybe more sleepless nights than I could afford.  And for the life of me…i miss those peaceful dreamless nights and waking up  beautiful morning messages and not to nothing tarky or thinking of the top and rewards given at the top and people who smile too much , or people whose eyes follow your skirt and probably what it hides and whatnot.

It was the third day. No sign of a win.People claiming meetings which they are never in attendance.
People taking digits who just like what they see and want to have a lil tit-a-tat outside the confines of what am focused in.  But I have no time nor patience for anything other than what am focused in.
But life isn’t fair right? It isn’t even black..or gray or white . Heck I won’t even begin to understand what life is anyways..its just too much wasted energy.
He stared at me. I stared back.  All the questions bounced back walls were up. Caution was thrown. I caught a few. Another pressure ..I swear my cup was begining to topple over. I smiled and nodded . What else was I to do.
They didn’t understand. My shoes had more stories than my mouth could tell. My ears needs to be cleaned to purge all what it carries.   My shoulders. .poor poor shoulders could need a rest. But hustlers don’t go to sleep. What to do??.
As I left the confines of the office. Heading to the car,  for task at hand  needs to be tackled. I know good things don’t come easy. And giving  up would be just outright cheesy. So as usuall..I mapped out..manna don’t fall down from least not in the present days.
You need something you have to work for it..knee deep,fingers greesed and sleeves rolled up being focused and determined and all those fancy bits..
‘No food for a lazy man”…momma used to say…
And if I need to sparkle at the top…i bests get on with it..
I nodded at the pairs of eyes that  turned to me..
“Let’s go”… while I felt it being put in reverse and pulled off into the streets, disappearing around the bend and fading out of sight.
Hopefully things would be nice this time around…#fingers,everything and a lot more crossed.
And erm..Speaking of rolled up sleeves..
There is something cute about a guy …a cute TDH  guy in a rolled up sleeves..
But that’s a story for another day..
P.s He wouldn’t stop staring



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