Wordporn-Series : Damsel,Bed&protector




His eyes ran a mile down her body. Appreciating every sensual curve .
His hands itched from the longing of replacing those eyes..to feel what electricity would spark from each caress.
She lay peacefully after being rescued, while the rise and fall of her bosom threaten his every resolve.
Slightly parted pouted lips dulled with red. His mouth began to water while he sinks in his chair.
Her silky black lingerie revealed all that glories a woman. .how can he dare to stop his insanely beating heart and the fire heating up his hides while staring at the temptation on his bed. With the lustrous black hair he longed to run  his fingers through.
But a man should never take advantage of a damsel he rescued from distress..
But at the moment all his saw was a fiery wild vixen …tempting him to run to the bed and take her…while she fluttered those lashes …and held his gaze…pleading without words to her rescuer. .biting her lower lip causing him to cuss..and in a few strides he got to the bed. .making it sink..while he stared down at the beauty that is about to untame him..
Yes he would protect her…but with his arms ..he would take her..To a world that she  need not bother to ask…for that he had no answers ..but touch and feelings and an upsurge like a volcanic rupture that would leave both of them breathless and too satiated for more.
But her eyes held no fear..her arms wound around his neck and pulled him instead to the bed.



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