Winter is coming!!!


Winter is coming!!


She stood watching the horizon from within, gazing at the sky where a dark patch seemed to be building up from a distance. The night was eerie . The breeze seeping through into the cabin caused curtains to sway in a soundless way . The constant bang bang sounds of the wooden cupboards wasn’t a deterrent.
On the contrary it’s a warning.
She heard a faint howl in the red mountains which caused goose pimples to crowd her skin like tiny midgets. She rewrapped the Shawl around her shoulders tightly  but she didn’t move away from the window. She continued to stare at the sky and watched how the tears of the angels poored down in tiny crystal clear droplets ..wetting everything it touches.
The midnight owl hadn’t moved away from its perching spot for over three days she noticed. It never turns away..watching her cabin ..or watching her. And at the same time, she felt there were eyes within those eyes. This was just a host to see beyond the actual ..
Nothing is never how it seems in this town of the forgotten.
The whoosh whoosh sounds blew out the candles she had lit in the small room and down the hall . She didn’t move still, even as everywhere went pitch black.
The dogs had begun to bark and the hissing of the belly crawling beings were faintly heard. The trees had begun to sway and sing to the soft cues of the midnight bird.
She blinked when the hairs behind her neck pricked and stood as though someone was pulling them out one by one. . She didn’t turn..not even when the shadow loomed over her..dwarfing her a few inches. Her back to the invader of her space . Her gaze to the heavens ..watching the sky and what’s threatened to come.
She didnt flinch, not even when the arms grabbed her shoulders gentle and the voice behind her spoke over her head.
She could tell from his voice he understood the inevitable. She could hear the racing of his beating heart. She understood it well. That fear. That uncertainty of what’s to come . But unlike him..She had learnt to read the signs from a mile away and unlike him she knew when to act.

“Brundah. much time do we have..??
His voice cracked just a little. For a man he was a far cry from their usual bravery.  But who could blame  him. Men before him would break sweats and prefer to be far away than to be where such darkness looms. Such impending evil. Everyman would seek shelter for safety than stand and fight.  But then again, how can you fight what you don’t see. Whose touch is like death. Whose  fangs cause utter pain and misery and whose eyes bore into your soul and shatter you from your core.
She heard the muffled cry of her last child. Barely a few months old. And heard the tiny shuffle of feets of her four year old..she felt him even before he came and slipped his tiny hands into her hands..she looked down at him , fighting the tears that was threatening to drop.
Such poor innocent children. They should never have to live through this. And she knew she would protect them with her life.
She squeezed his tiny hands and pushed him to his father gently .

“Take him. Take her. And run away as far as you can.  I and the sisters would stand guard as much as we can.
But you ..xavier ..”  She turned to him..boring her eyes into his
“ must keep you and my babies safe “..
“You must live for the both of us. For them.”
She held his face in her hands…steading the turning of his head side by the tears dropping from his eyes..
“Its my duty to keep you and my babies safe. Go xavier..and you must hurry. Don’t look back..go..go Go!!!!!!!”
Her heart broke as she watched him scurry away with the wailing child who refused to let go..her heart fell when she knew she may or may never see them again…nor watch her little boy grow into a little man, nor her daughter into pretty happy girl. Or sink into her husband’s warmth ever again.
She turned back to the window..staring up at the sky ..very aware of the watching owl and the eerie sounds of the trees and howl of the red mountains and droplets of rain from the sky..
Her sisters would be here soon..
To join her and hold the forte..
She wrapped the Shawl even tighter than she did earlier..where undeneath a sword is being sheathed  and on the table an orb began to glow ..
And she muttered ..
“Winter is coming”!!!
And she waited for the darkness to come.



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