Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !


I wasn’t a fan of the days that had everyone crawling around the place in search of red blooded like – selves in the bid to shove down the packages down their throat .
I wish I could skip.  Tempted even. But the body that houses the mind was too chicken to even try. And I couldn’t put down  blame. #deep sigh
And for the first time, half of the squad beat me to my thoughts. And I wished my mind wasn’t such a girl.
I stared at the numbers on the board . Things weren’t looking good.  The red line outlining the bottom floor were a reflection of my former self graced time. Things would look better.  I had to shake myself out of my reverie and concentrated on the task at hand.
It was burning hot. The sun had no love. I wished for the comfort of a soft chair and AC on full blast coursing through my hair and dancing around my skin. I plucked my hanky and dapped my forehead.
It took me 5 minutes to get back to the rendezvous point  and to top to my tired self…the four wheels had magically developed wings and flew..with my delicate tech and lady fluffs…
A call put through  had me flanking down another squad’s wheels.
When they asked where mine was…I had the face of….”Take a wild guess “!”  Their pitifully glances and murmurs toppled my anger more.
I wished I really could grow a pair and ditch. .Argh !!I was such a girl. One of the newbies had more balls than I could ever dream up.
There is a reason i hate this days.
Staring Into nothing and penseive in clouded thoughts back at the office. It took half an hour before I had my goodies brought back to me.
I made a mental note to dodge. .If I become a man of steal and a mind made of time.
She wasn’t exactly happy. I wasn’t either. Team lost by a few lows. Not like everyone turned up. But hey! I did right?
But reflections of the red line had me breaking out sweats and hoping for a miracle. I left for my abode with a  heavy heart.
They were three…family and strangers and for a brief moment I wondered to keep quiet or speak .  I took the later and in less than a minute …unexpectedly. ..Inbetween jokes and drinks. While the cold night air soothed our clinging cloths that held our bodies. The horns of cars and chatter of passerbys. The blast of music from the hawker cart near by. And in that last minute..before the close of the day. ..
He said “let me have your package…”
The brightest smile on my face had me running faster than flash..and I was signing him up and closing with a one.
And that was a silent win.
I knew I was going to sleep well today. And walk into Monday knowing that red line would be a faded memory ..atleast for a day.


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