Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !


The peaceful sleep of the night lead to a resounding mind. No consistent toss and turn of a troubled mind. Even the mosquitoes with mean mouth streaks didnt flutter me out of my sleep. The usuall almost unbearable heat  which always made me want to pull my hair out from my scalp …last night. had nothing on me. My win of the night had me smiling through my sleep….this was what it felt like to be like a king..even just for a night…today was a big deal.
Monday lurks around the corner.  Sunday shyly toils towards the exit. Sometimes I wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday , just so the weekend would be longer. But wishes aren’t made of such things. And that we have to deal with. If Monday was a person. sure it would be the boy king in Game of Thrones…
It’s Sunday. ..Rest. .and lots of Rest .
Tomorrow the hustle continues.
Work hard so you don’t have to introduce  yourself. And work harder so when you hit can have a lil play time. And have people work for you.
#Ambition ain’t shit .

Xoxo #Sweetness


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