Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic


It’s been a tiring couple of days. Stress in my veins like caffeine . Sleepless nights like a refugee. Alert like a thief searching through faces and reading behaviour. Thoughts on a rampage. Target and goals at the topmost. But alas…. the week had been better than the one before.
I mounted those steps my legs have suddenly become used to. And for the first time.  I embraced my small corner ..and moved forward in the light , out in the open. I had noticed my name didnt grace the board today.  Today I was safe. No shadows in my corner or breezing down my neck. From the far right I saw even a thumbs up my way and a mouthed “well done “!! . The butterflies in my tummy gave way for abit of jyration. I smiled.  Some days ..a little smile is needed .
But still. I didnt want to let the little victory and some few wins deter me.  Am still a far cry from where I ought to be. But I wasn’t where I used to be. And for that.. I was thankful.
I have noticed a few busy bodies. Whose mouth run faster than flash . Whose aggressiveness totally uncalled for and whose behaviour are unruly.  And they wore heels and showed abit too much of what’s to be hidden. They were loud and..and I felt shame for belonging to the same specie..but what to do??.
Don’t step on my toes and I would ignore you like you don’t exist.
Sometimes a clear demarcation is needed. Some friends aren’t needed . Some Colleagues should know their limit. Some newbies like to be calm and sure you can tell where I fall in .
I rather sit back and watch some things unfold . Shake my head..sip my tea and write about the sillyness displayed about nonsensical issues…Smh.
Change! Is the only constant thing. Thus..things were rapidly unfolding. And for starters…things were getting heated up around here. Words flying like swords . Spittle dodged. Manual resets given. And calmness issued. I never do leave my corner. Sometimes some things are better observed . And from my comforting space  i know Safety was sure. I guess things like this do happen often  ..but just like my green buddy in siseme street.. “Tis Non of my business ” . I had other thoughts crawling in ..things in life are way important than this .
Middle of the week, new highs considered. The street beckons. Expectations revisited. Pressure intensified . We hope our backs dont break. And our feets don’t bleed and our heads don’t ache . And then we hope today be nice too.. for that is paramout. A whole lot depends on that fact.
Let the winds take me to where the flowers from the garden smell of sweetened honey. ..and I bask in the sun of fruitfulness . While I hide under of the one who made me . While I move with grace and favour as he blesses me.
Today please be nice ..


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