Death wears heels! ! Part 1


Death wears heels!!!


It was ridiculous.  The way his eyes followed her. The way his body responded to her even when she was far away and no where close. It didn’t matter that he was giving a lecture and everyone was watching him, clueless about what played in his mind. All he wanted to do was to have a taste of her. And then he would be sane again.
He had watched her grow. From the little girl to a teenager. He had noticed when her chest begun to pop and grow tiny oranges . When her hips had begun to expand . And her buttocks protruded out even a little .
He had been intoxicated by her innocent look and the scent of a child . He dreamt of how she would feel beneath him, soft and small. Just the way he liked it.
It didn’t matter that he was old enough to be her father.  Or that she was just a child . He liked them young and innocent . But she had haunted his dreams , with her small brown eyes. Curly black hair and beautiful smile. All he wanted was to take her in his arms and press her to him till she felt him harden. All he wanted was to lay her on her back and  watch her squirm while he tries to touch her. All he wanted was to feel her stiffen and hear her scream when he forces himself on her. All he wanted was to enjoy the taste and feel of her and allow himself go over the top while inside of her.  Then and only then, will his sanity return.
He watched her go into her house . He knew her parents were out. He needed to be fast. He knocked on their door and looked into her beautiful eyes when she opened and invites him in when he claimed he came to see her parents for exra-moral classes for her, and they had asked him to wait. She offered him tea while she made to call her parents.  He needed to act fast. In two full strides he caught her wrist, closing her mouth to stop her from screaming and carried her upstairs.
Just like he imagined. Just like he dreamed. She beautiful and sweet. And he had his fill. While he towered over her and dressed up,  watching her cry. He bent and gathered her into his arms and wispered into her ears while he pressed her throat. More tears ran down her eyes and she began to shake.
Just like the others, he knew no one will ever know what happened here.
Just like the others , she would take the secret with her, maybe to her grave. And all too suddenly his lust for her evaporated like smoke .she was nothing but a piece of dirt. .and he spat on her. Leaving her in her curled up mess after telling her to clean herself up. He Leaves..
She had never spoken of that day to anybody.  The shame and stigma. She had carried that pain and scar for years. The Fear the truth would reveal . The Fear of what he said he would do..when he wispered into her ears. And so she had kept quiet. Telling her parent she needed to go away. She had been depressed and they had listened. But she had grown up bitter. Ruined and damaged. And she had waited patiently for the day she would assert her revenge on the man who ruined her as a girl, on the man who ruined so many girls before her..and the man who she knew would be breathing his last soon.
It’s been 10 years since she came home. Yet she remembered everything like it was yesterday and the scar burned like  hot coal to her chest. Stinging her eyes with tears. She wiped them away as though wiping out her pain. But that stain never leaves. It was an infinite scar scarved into her bones.  And the only way she could find closure was to rid the earth from this scum called micheal.
She saw him sitted with friends, chatting over drinks and laughing over silly jokes.  She already sent her ahead. To go sit opposite them, reading a book and having a snack. She was a little over 13 years old. Curly black hair and brown golden eyes. She knew how he liked them. She watched as his eyes followed her every moment . She already told the girl what she wanted her to do. When the girl got up and walked up to the table, with her books in the pretense to ask for assistance,  she knew he would be eager to help. She smiled . Knowing that he was going to take the bait .
She looked around and noticed the bustling of people going up and down for the valentine preparation tomorrow. 
St. Valentine died  for love., but you will die for much worse. She watched as the girl thanked him and leaves. She saw him lick his lips and smile. She knew she got him where she wanted. They will meet at the “IN” tomorrow, where he says he would tutor her for her upcoming “spellingBee competition”. All made up ofcourse.
Tomorrow,  death will come calling.
she gets up and leaves…dropping a red petal on the table , she needed to prepare for tomorrow. .
It’s the day of love afterall .while the cluck cluck sounds of her heels faded into the street.

To be continued.


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