Death wears heels 2 : ” Happy valentine micheal baby “! !


Death wears heels :”Happy valentine micheal baby”!


She could hear the sounds of music below her window . The cheery laughter of people on the streets.  The blast of the horns which turned into a melody. The clicking of glasses and cutleries. And the glee of excited lovebirds over chocolates and flowers and mushyness and kisses.she smiled cynically.
Love is indeed a beautiful thing. Too bad she had given up on such years ago.
Ever since that day so many years ago,  she had not being able to let a man come close to her. She was a virgin then. Pure and innocent. Before her innocence were ripped away from her in those agonising few minutes. The Fear of a man chased her into her shell. Her nights became a nightmare. Her days were were a shadow of her former self. She was like a living corpse . And every man was the devil.
Love?? She never allowed herself to believe in it. She couldnt let herself be loved. She knew no man would want to love her..damaged and ruined and discarded like a piece of filth. She never allowed any man to come close..not even Sammy. .dear sweet Sammy who promised her the world..who wanted to scream at the top of his voice and profess his love to her.  But all she thought about was the big chested man ..hairy and large..who towelled over her in her tiny bedroom and rammed into her continously till she bled and was sour for days ..who killed her even before she began living. Who showed her that there were evil in this world …and evil could be your friend.
No!! How could she love Sammy. .when she couldn’t even love herself.
And when she saw his recinding back  after waiting years for her to be his..not even a tear broke from her eyes..she realised that even then..her heart had turned to stone. And the only way she could find peace. .was to put to sleep the devil who had ruined her and made her into what she is..less of a human. She booked the next flight and here she was.
She got up from the bed, strolling to the window. Her watch said 12: 15.she knew where she had to be. .in another hour..her mission would have been completed.
She already had her dress picked out.
“Such irony ” she mused.  She had on black lacy lingerie . She slipped into the red tight dress, which accentuated her beautiful curves . Red lipstick made her soft lips look fuller . She let her curly black hair drop around her shoulders and stared Into the face mirror, which mirrored her brown eyes and she smiled. .
“Beware of the lady in red on St. Valentine’s day”
Then she laughed and laughed and laughed while she strolled out of her room ..out into the hallway, leaving behind a red petal on her bed of white sheets..walking into the lobby and out of her hotel room..
The whistling and cheers of the men didnt even make her flinch..Instead she trotted and sasshayed,  swaying her hips from side to side..Stopping and bending down seductively as though she wanted to pick at her shoes letting her butt make the perfect shape of love..blowing a kiss when the sharp intakes of breaths were heard. .and she smiled.
When the door man flanked down a taxi for her and tells her he hopes she has a sweet valentine today..
“In truth…I will” she said knowing it’s from her heart. .
“Micheal would have the sweetest valentine day ever “…
Red dress and red heels disappears into the taxi..leaving behind the ambience of love and laughter ..heading into the path of no return…where love would be replaced with blood..
“Such irony isn’t it??..while the smile played tentatively around the corners of her mouth..
The “IN ” came into view.
“Its time!”. She mouthed as she stepped out in all red.


To be continued  in another hour


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