Death wears heels 3; ” Happy valentine micheal baby “! !


Death wears heels 3; ” Happy valentine micheal baby”!!


Her name was daina.
She was my first pick .afta searching for the perfect girl. She had the right innocence . The light in her eyes and the trust. All which pigs like micheal was attracted to. That and the softness and purity he loved to own. She knew what she had to do. “Get him to the room”.
Micheal dressed up quickly and got to the IN before 2pm. She was coming to the IN lobby for tutorials on spellingBee competition. Everyone knew him. Everyone liked him. Every parent wanted their children to be tutored by him. Everyone didnt know his darkest secret. Everyone had no idea the things he planed for little Diana . Today was St. Valentine’s day after all. .shouldn’t he get a little loving too?.
He watched her cross the street. Wearing a little red dress and flower in her hair. Mingling with the bounty of red all around her. Everyone wanted to be part of the day of love. A little red for every fellow. Daina,Looking all young and innocent. He desired to taste the little towers on her chest and lick her lips , up there and down there and be the first to knock down her gate and enter into her world of purity and sweetened honey. He knew he was going to enjoy it. And maybe for the first time,  he hoped she would too. For some reason,  she reminded him of someone he used to know . But the rising bulge infront of his trousers didnt alow him to think.
Daina was seated infront of him. Asking him questions. He was playing the part.  When she told him she needed to use the bathroom and adjust her button in her skirt. He offered for her to use his room. He even walked her to the door. No one noticed anything unusual. Afterall it could be a father and a child having a talk session ..and by the way who cared. The mushyness was paramout . Everyone was too blind in love to be alert to the lady in red who walked past them into the next room..leaving a whiff of her perfume in the air.
He waited outside the room while she went into the toilet. He counted one to ten and then entered. Locking the door behind him. She was standing infront of the mirror adjusting her skirt. Shock registered in her eyes when he came up behind her..placing both hands on her back.
“Let me help you with that daina..zips and buttons are such tricky things little one”.. she made to move back but he held  her..undoing her buttons in one quick tug at her dress. She gasped and backed to the wall..
“Mr micheal..what are you doing ??”..
He smiled. .
“Do you know how beautiful you are daina. Like an angel. Pure and untouched.  You beckon to me in ways I can’t even imagine. Ever since yesterday all I can think of is you underneath me..and me inside of you crushing you to me..While I bury my face in your hair and my hardness withing those softness”..
He made for her…
“Allow me make you a woman. I want to feel you squirm and scream.” He pinned her to the wall and closed his hands over her mouth and stopping her muffled screams. .

*knock knock*
He froze.


To be continued. ..
  Before you even blink..


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