Death wears heels 4 : Happy valentine micheal baby “! !


Death wears heels 4: ” Happy valentine micheal baby “! !


He threatens daina not to say a word. Promising to rain all manner of gruesome  unpleasantries on her . He backs her to the wall. Placing his fingers to his lips urging her to be quiet. He adjusted himself . He watched her from the corner of his eyes as she slowly slids to the floor, gathering her dress to cover her exposure. He takes a deep breath, brushing away his hair from his eyes. He opens the door slightly ..realising that it was an attendee from the front desk ..He comes outside instead and closes the door slightly .
A package had arrived for him and he needed to sign.
He hoped daina doesn’t make a sound to give him away.
A group of people came down the hall, with balloons and flowers and music and laughter. Stopping beside him and the young man. He noticed they were all women safe for a man. And the ladies were all in red ..and too much makeup and they were drunk. It took a good five minutes for them to pry the loose cannons away from their body…as they clung to them..balloons and hair in their faces. And in that brief few minutes while the charade was going one had noticed a girl in red leave the room and a lady in red walk into the room..sliding to the floor exactly where the little girl had been just a second before..and the little girl leaving with the circus of red dresses and balloons and heavy makeup. And an apology from the male attendee for disturbing him for a wrong package.
Micheal goes back into the room, clicking the lock. .presses play on his phone filling the room with music and then turns back to face the croached figure on the floor.
But something was different. The girl rises from the floor and he soon realised only too late that it wasn’t a girl but a beautiful lady in red..and he saw the smile and then the sparkle of the knife by her side …and she made for him in the  blink of an eye.
Micheal fell to the bed. His eyes in utter shock holding his tummy, where blood gushed out in thick cloats. The white shirt he wore was mapping out in red in quick fashion..she read the question in his eyes and then nodded in understanding . Rubbing the blood off the sharp blade with his shirt. .she kicked his legs..
She strolled to the chair and pulled it towards him and sits, crossing her legs and fingers the blade.
“Why?? Isn’t that what plagues your mind. ??.
“Allow me refresh your memory micheal” she purred “while we bask in the sweet melody of valentine blues. .”
She knew where she had to stab him, which would paralyse him and slowly usher him to his death.
“Do you remember me..
Oh silly ..Ofcourse you dont”..
She raises up her left leg and presses her heels to his crotch so hard, she observed the pain that registered on his forehead and the veins that stood out on his neck. She rammed her heels harder untill she heard a slight pop ..and saw the blood trekking down and wetting the bed  ..she was glad for every pain.
“Oh dear..Oops!!”
“You wouldn’t be needing that anymore anyways..” She shrugged.
She saw the tears and read the pleas from his lips..
“Oh don’t be a cry are a hunk of a man mr micheal…allow me make you less of one.”..
She gets up and walks to the window,  knowing his eyes followed her.
“Ten years took from me…  Do you remember ??”
“Do you remember the little girl with the curly black hair and brown eyes, the little girl with stars in her eyes. The little girl who you came into her house, raping her in her own bed and threatened to come back again and  again if she said as much as a word. The little girl who you let choke on your cum. Who you rammed into till she bleed sour. The little girl …who you fondly called “Amara ” because she reminded you of all good things .The little girl you watched grow..her first smile , her first walk and jump. Her first laughter and then you took away her first gift..”purity”
She faced him..
She watched his eyes expand and recognition set in.
“Yes micheal. You do remember. That girl was special.
That girl was me..and I have come to collect that which you stole from me..
The knife shined from the reflection of the sun rays flooding into the room. She walked to the bleeding form. The cluck cluck sound of her heels made him wince.
“Yes micheal. .For all the lives you have stolen. For all the little girls you have damaged . For every tear and for every hymen you tore without permission …I will repay all in a hundred fold with my blade. .so when you come back in the next life I will come after you and kill you a thousand times over and over again..”.
She tore his trousers with her blade and lifted the deflated organ resting on his thighs.  She graced him with a brief look…blowing him a kiss..hearing the screams in her head even before she heard him through her ears..and with one quick movement. .she sliced him..from him.. and was thankful for the music which dulled his screams.
Her laughter was heartful. Not minding the blood she leans in and stuffs him into his mouth and pushed it down. Hearing him choke,  every sound she felt peace return her to sanity.
She looks at him now. Tears in her eyes. And no regrets but pain for the years she had lost just because of him . And pain for every girl before and after her . She knew she was doing the world a favour, to rid the earth of this vile scum. She was ready to leave with the demons . Gladly she would dine with them. But for now, she would only know peace when she sends him ahead of her.
“Isn’t it ironic micheal?”..her voice shook slightly . But her hand didnt waver
“Below us everyone is joyous and happy in the arms of a lover and jyrating in the day of love and red mad fun..
And you…soaking in blood and red sheets and fighting for life…in the presence of your murderer”

“Do you now know how helpless we felt.  Do you now understand the principles of power .
Do you feel life slowly ebbing away from you. Do you remember every face..Every Child you ruined.??
I hope you do.
One last thing micheal…may my face be the last one you see before you go to your marker, and know I enjoyed every minute of returning you back to filth of the earth..”
And with one last look..

“Happy valentine micheal baby!!!
I Will be your death even in the next  life”

She plunged the knife into his heart and twisted it in a circle..
She watched him choke on his organ as he wriggled to his death.

She left him in the pool of his blood and red petals on the bed.

The cluck cluck sounds of her heels was heard down the hall as she went round the bend as a shadow of her red dress was seen as she disappeared into the crowd of people lost in the sea of red, never to be seen again..never to be heard and no one could tell…who killed the man on St. Valentine’s day. .

Curtain closes. END.


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