The Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !..


One of those days when it starts as though one is sliding from the top to the near bottom. I don’t usually like the looks of this…I had to be on full alert.
I skillfully jumped out of a car and into another, daring time and chance, running down the streets of phcity and swerving past and around people as though I was a moving cart. Mounting those heavy steps and heaving a sigh of relief.
Checking my time..It was early. Too early. The busybodies haven’t graced this parts yet. I was thankful for a tiny piece of solitude and tranquillity. I settled into my well deserved corner and racked my brains. Thinking is one of the hardest exercise ever. In a minute my writing pads and all other necessities occupied my desk..brows furrowed together , pen behind my right ear..mouth in a twisted corner and deep in  penseive thoughts. Things weren’t looking so awesome as I made more ‘X’s than ‘+’s on my pads. I sighed . When the meeting began I sunk deep into my seat…”Don’t call me don’t call me please” I chanted within.
An hour and half later, still bent in strategic thoughts, i looked up into apologetic eyes and a pat to the shoulder.  Reading his mind before following the words coming out of his mouth. I nodded.
“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. All that matters is get up when you are down and keep pushing . I know…its one of those days. Shit happens. Tomorrow might be better”
I mouthed a “Thank you”. Knowing It would atleast suffice.
Seated behind amongst 3 others  while the car cruised into the heart of town. Pretending to be interested in the jist of no economic importance to me at the moment, and at the same time trying to cover my nasal intake..wondering how to tell the speaker to buy a fresh mint,  or mouth spray or some sort of disinfectant I don’t know. I  had to ward off the spittle somehow from dropping on me.

I eyed the owner annoyingly.  It was sad that it was a constant thing to worry, I usually have to face the window or shift abit far..or try not to get squeezed in fits  of laughter that always ended up in constant hugs while praying to God to safe me while i hold my breath. How do you tell’em when they are such a dear. I jumped out at the next stop just so i get abit of fresh air and answered to a nothing when i was given that peircing stare. #deepSigh
The burning sun had no love. I was thankful for the confined shed. The lady stared at me..contemplating wether to take the package or not. Her colleague was more interested in taking my number than what I had in my hands . I ignored him.
“Decide already woman”..I screamed in my head. But a stiff smile stayed on my face instead. Tiny sweats breaking out around  my forehead, despite the cooling room. I dapped at them and gave my reassuring smile..

“Try it. You would be pleased” I suggested. A tiny nod, a tiny smile and a future appointment was fixed. I hoped she signs it then. I crossed my fingers behind me.
As I made to leave her confined office,  he dared to ask for when to stray to my end after hours..I gave him the most menacing stare through gritted teeth I spewed “Don’t you even dare “.  He backed away shocked. I really didn’t care. Goals were in my foresight. I had no time to spare.

Things weren’t looking so bright. I sighed as I stepped back out, into the streets, back under the burning sun as i waited for the others,  dreading the duration of the car ride and seized breaths. #LifeIsSoUnfair
I dreaded those days like this..when i wish i were in my bed and not thinking about goals or ambition to be at the top. #TheHustleIsReal
I guess I just have to be keep working hard so I don’t don’t have to introduce myself..
#Ambition and success is the new high.
Here’s hoping the new day brings more joy..#Sigh


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