Winter is coming 2 : Pandora ‘ s Box! !


Winter is coming 2 :

Pandora ‘s  Box!!!


Brundah staggered , as she made for the light. Hands stretching hoping to be absorbed before it evaporates into the night. Her bloodied body swayed from side to side, her throbbing head felt as though her life was at its end.
She almost toppled over the body of her sisters ripped out of their sockets and joints , smearing the ground with their blood, she pushed on.
The glowing orb in her sling bag was dulling into a faint green..and she knew if she didn’t reach the light she would be dead soon.
The hissing sound behind her  made her gasp in fear.  The flinging overhead of her last sister knew that time wouldn’t be felt when you reach the end. She mustered her courage and ran with what little strenght she had..while the impending shadowed clouded at her wake and fingers like claws protruded out of the darkness once more..grasping her legs and flinging her from under her legs. Hitting the wall with her back she heard a bone crack, she cried in pain as she spurted blood from her mouth.
The shadow hovered over her turning into a man without a smile and dark sockets which glowed red for eyes…
She clutched at her chest..gently rubbing her pendant which had a star and a moon , one for each of her birthed ones. .she said a silent prayer…hoping that xavier would keep them hidden and save …from the evil that had decended Unpon them due to their mistake..
He looked down on her..knowing her end wasn’t far. He laughed in derision as they each fell down to their death knowing they weren’t a match for him..
“The forte sisters..eight in number, one by one he ripped their hearts out and fed it to his companion the owl- hawk watching the gothic scene, and he disconnected each from  their body parts and flung them where ever the wind for one..The forte queen..who was sprawled at his feet fighting for her life. .
Who fought more than the rest of the seven. Sword in one coming out the other ..eyes blazing. ..but an arrow like finger to her chest and her glow disrupts..freeing the other sisters from their protective bond..making it easy for him to pluck them one by one till all he tasted was their blood on his tongue while he enjoyed their insignificant taunt.
“Its been too long Brundah , queen of the forte.. allow me to help you look ghastly at my feet “..
He bends to lift her with a finger, while her feets dangled under her as she levitated from the ground with his finger her only life support.

“We have been at this for a patience has run thin. Didn’t you know your coven of sisters are like peanuts to me. My powers have grown stronger over time”

“Not enough apparently ” she laughed to spite him dangling without foundation.  He closed his hands around her neck and squeezed.

“Where is the child ..The one who holds the blood of purity and the life of an immortal and the power of immense impossibilities .. predicted to be born in this times .. of a royal line blood . Speak to the Orb to show me the way and I may just send you to your ancestors peacefully no tease. ”

“You will never find her. I rather die than let you lay a hand on an innocent. We shouldn’t have let you live..we shouldn’t have given you a taste of freedom and power …we shouldn’t have let you taste the gleam of immortality..that’s why ending your life was a mutual decision for the sake of the innocents and humanity.  You are evil Crondall. .evil has no place in this  opened Pandora’ s  Box. ” She spat, choking on her words.

Her eyes darted to the spinning light..which seemed to be closing an inch every second. The twirling breeze brought dust and hairs to her eyes. Yet he stood  as though undeterred of the quaking ground .

” and you shall Brundah.  Indeed I will grant you that request. ” he trailed a finger-like-claw over her delicate skin and rested it on her collar bone .

“I will find her Brundah. .that little babe of of yours and then I will make her watch me feed on her brother and then her father and then…I will take her essence like a drink and cut her to bits…I hope you would be watching fron your dead tower of Queens. .”

Her eyes widened.

“Yes Brundah.  I know..for I have also seen her. My companion is never asleep, its eyes and ears could perceive and see miles away and you have given him the perfect reason to thirst for blood. You see, through its eyes,   Her hair is as fair as gold. Stars under her feets.  And your pendant comfirms that she is indeed a royal blood. Your blood. And the immense power to be inherited after your death combined by the eight emblems of the forte. And that I intend to take..lead me to her and  i promise to cause her no everlasting pain. I will put her to sleep. Surely you must believe…

“And make no mistake Brundah,  i am Pandora and i will rain immense evil on the land and those who dare to stand between me and my quest for power and immortality so i may walk freely amongst men and not lurk within the shadows and do the unthinkable. I will be god.” His eyes glowed.

“You will never find her  ” .
Brundah grabbed the Orb. .which glow had turned black. .and with an electrifying force…she threw it into the closing light. .that twirled in quick session and disappeared into the night. .

“For as the night is dark ,so shall she be hidden from the light. Forged with the love of a mother and emblems of the eight sisters, her cloak an invincible  veil unpon your eyes..and her vengeance a raging fire to burn your shadow and end you as you should be. For her essence shall not be toiled for evil and that’d what you are to..”   She chanted and spat.  It sunk into the ground and  evaporated into thin clouds

“You shouldn’t have done that Brundah.  But rest assured..” he looked back at the deathly paled woman and compelled her to look into his eyes. ..while his fingers fished for a vein to her neck…

“Nothing hides from me. Am the shadow in which safety seeks”…and he ripped churns off her neck while his eyes bore a hole into her sockets . Her screams were muffled by silent grunts  ..

He let’s her drop like a heap to the ground as he licked his fingers…

“Follow the trail of her blood and find me the line that hides within a mother’s love” …He ordered as the owl-hawk fluttered it’s wings and disappeared into the night..

Crondall tugs at her necklace and ripping the pendants from the dead woman’s neck,  he clasped it in his hands..

“Soon I shall have all that is deserving me..and the world will be mine and the power of the eight emblems and of the child…Time has no age for me”.. He dissolves back into the  blank darkness and floated into oblivion leaving at his wake blood and death and cries from the land of the forgotten. 


Xavier  felt her wisper and a cold chill to his chest, as though a knife had twisted leaving him short of breath.
He staggered and fell to the chair,  tears blinding him as he bit his hand to keep the pain inside.

The bracelet vena wore around her tiny wrist glowed the whoosh whoosh sounds of the breeze pushed over the bowls from the table, she bellowed out in a loud cry as he gathered her in his arms and buried his head in her soft cloth,rocking her back and forth.
He was all that she left. Her brother was just a child himself.  And he knew for them he would also give his life.
As he saw the shadow of a woman pass in white and disappearing into thin air,  he knew with all certainty. ..
“Brundah was dead! And darkness was coming for them next. ”



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