Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !


It was unusually quiet.
I figured i was really early. But for some reason i felt a strange unexplainable feeling creeping up my sleeves. I shook it off and proceeded to mount those steps that has decided to tell on my delicate sallis.

It was quiet too.
I checked my time just to be sure and the day of the week it was.
This was strange. I wasn’t even remotely early. And yet, the shadows that lurked around the room where not up to 6 minus me.
Strange indeed. I proceeded to arrange my delicates and fluffyness on the chair and desk, and typed away while I waited for the rest.

Listening to music and forgetting my intense week of before. I heard muffled voices in harsh wispers. Looking up got me curious to the commotion stiring not so far from where I sat in my corner.  Plucking the piece from my ear, I was indeed curious. So I listened  and understood.

“They were gone. All of them. Not a shade remained.”
… I heard him say.
I heard a few laughters, some cuss, a couple of hisses and then harsh words, fleeks of different emotions played out in just that minute.  I on the other hand didnt quite get what to make of it. So I got up and went down stairs..

The  park that was usually filled with the four wheeled in different shades and colours were gone.  Not a  screech in sight..The gravel looked innocent like an  untapped virgin. I knew what this meant. I sighed. Knowing the recent  events unraveling  wasn’t going to be pretty. I made a mental note to stick with flats from now on.

The voices overhead had me taking two steps at a time.
The once-not-so-quiet room had turned into a delegates of rivals.
Explanations weren’t taken with open hearts and hands,  because explanations weren’t given on a platter of gold. So no one was biting. But I was biting me lower lip though..I knew I would go home with shoulder aches and a bad leg cramp and wish I had a Jacuzzi with healing waters to soak myself in.  Sadly I didnt. I sighed again.

The sun burned.
I eyed the albino with an unbrella walking beside me.. for some reason I envied her. But even the shade would be too small for both of us. But I tried nevertheless.
“Hello….Please if you don’t mind may I join you ..just for a little walk before  I disappear around the next bend “..
She growled .
Strange humans too.
I backed away…
“Go on..The road and shield is all yours..don’t let me make you feel bad for leaving me under the ambience of the scorching sun..which threatens to burn me up..literally light me up like a vampire. “…I faked a tear..#sniff sniff.

She eyed me. Flipped her white or gold or brownish i-dont-even-know-what-shade-of-hair and walked away.

“Ain’t no love on the streets”!! 
I muttered .
I rearranged and adjusted myself and stared faced on. Head high on my shoulders . Task and goals don’t want to hear…”the sun burned so I ran under the shade to get away from a mild heat. ” . Click click click went my heels.

“No love”.. I repeated.
As I sat across from him. My victory was just a few minutes away and the dude refused to bulge. He stared at me unconvinced. I pushed.  And pushed and pushed some more. .watching him fold..then I kicked. He brought out his pen and penned down what was due me. Package exchanged hands.
A brief hand shake. A nod. And a name from both lips.  My business was done.

The weekend beckons.
Sadly it was short.  The nights felt unfinished. That day ran away too fast. The chants from the church and the jingling of keys and the fear of Monday lurked at the shadows of the night.
Some days you just miss the feeling of “staying in and waking up at odd hours of the day and the smell of fresh bread and the sounds of tv while you laze about doing nothing.”

No love really. No love.
The hustle is real. The street is the game. Money is the chase.
but God is the sure way..and tomorrow he will make favour rain.

Peace.!! Registered & Protected 


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