Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !


Groggy eyed; I stretched on the bed. Turning to face the clock.. it was dark and hot.  Sweats danced lazily down my body  as it traced each line , each on its own uncompetitive trail, causing the air to be stifled and me short of breaths.
My eyes almost popped out of my sockets on seeing the time, knowing that I hugged my bed too much and I was to be flagging down the first cab on the exit in the next minute.  I flew  as a bird, ran like a deer and heaved heavy breaths as though I was nearing my end. I knew it won’t do to be the last one mounting those steps today of all days.

Voldermot was back and the eerily place was still and mannered . No spooks no talks. Cold ambience greated me. It was to be expected so I embraced it and nodded an aknowledgment to those eyes I held briefly that screamed….”What other news to be revealed. Please. .blow us away.”
I smiled.
“We just have to wait”..I responded .

He stood up and the quiet room became even  quieter.  My corner felt quite hidden  so I sat and perked up my ears to listen.

It started with the usuall appraisal.  The talks of highs and lows..and the really low. I sunk deeply into my seat. And waited for the whatever it is was. And I wasn’t  disappointed.

I stared at the black sheet. A few others were as confused as I was. Some brushed it aside as though it was nothing. Others dammed it and made it nothing, leaving the boxed area and us at their wake as we watched their recinding back. I knew it wasn’t nothing..those words spoken screamed even louder in my ears. And for the upteenth time today…I sighed as I penned down was needed and follow the shadows of those who just left.

I listened to the laments. The talks of “no love where you think you belong”.  I was otherwise preoccupied with the bees of thoughts swarming inside my head, sieving them out little by little to get a bit of clarity ..just a  tiny bit of focus in this otherwise blurry morning.

“This was no motivation ” their laments breeched my ear walls..
“This is demoralisation”…the chant continued.
I knew where it was coming from. A place of hurts and whatnot. A place too low to muster strenght to go on. And yet…you are expected to deliver. matter the scorching sun and droplets of impending rain. I sighed . Knowing the endgame was  just played. You deal or you get dealed.
I alighted and thanked them. Hearing their heated talks tip over to the boiling point. I didnt need to peach in. I was fighting my own demons lurking under my bed.
And a thought breezed in, like a featherlight kiss to the head
“If at first you don’t succeed. .dust yourself and try again. If at first you fall..get up and don’t wallow in your fall and walk. If things don’t work out..don’t throw in the never quit.  And if it turns out okay. Yay. If it doesn’t. .be content that you gave in your best shot. Don’t live on regrets.  It’s It’s a silent killer . And you were made to win. So go out there and bring the victory home but don’t die trying. Those shits only happen in the movies. “. And with that I forged ahead…listening with ears perked up as I heard the streets calling…



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