Bants of a workaholic! !


Bants of a workaholic! !

* * * * *

Unexplained revealing events.  Mass evacuation and a shout for code Red …Blue or whatnot.
I felt the heat from where I stood., out in the open. .like a prey . But I wasn’t the only one.
The room was as quiet as a graveyard. Yet their silence shattered windows and dented walls. But his voice was like a resounding roar of a wounded animal. .
He wanted  heads on a spike. .and he was going to get it. I looked up at the enlongated ladder ..the top was further than i thought. It was outrageously impossible and for some twisted reason..i figured it was an already thoughtup plan..especially made up to put’em down. I smiled cynically . This was it.
Wave of cold washed over my body when the leads took the lead. And I knew even then, the sheeps wasn’t going to be spared. It didn’t matter how long or how far. All that was BS. All that mattered was all they required. Which makes you either a gamer or to be checked-mated.  But real life circumstances should have a heart , soft and filled with pumping blood. Not one as stiff as congealed stone. Even the sighs evaded my thinned lips.
Muted pleas. Silent chills. The roar and all was lost. Piles and piles of personals . Chants of warriors lost. The slow dance of the wounded filing out and the fading light on their recinding backs..
Taking in all that looked surreal . The shadows, the silent brooding corner, the laughter and the hopes evaporated through the vents of the AC. The emotions unleashed and the words at the tip of some lips on tight leech. But all that would end up at bottom of the ocean..where the dreams lay below. And the reflections of the water causing ripple effects, distorting what was to what ought to be. But everything remains..nothing is as it seems. But then again..all that was BS as well.
Before the last shadow decended , blurring my vision. I tugged at the curtains, pulling them close..and the last thing I remember was the echoing laughters..and the smiling faces of those lost. I flicked the lights off and hoped life find us. .A more beautiful ambience for our dreams to fly. . 😆


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