An unkindness of Ravens! !!


An unkindness of Ravens..


Strolling down the riverbank picking up pepples.  Bright yellow colour stones mixed with dazzling crystal water. Wind coursing through my hair, blinding my vision and cold water seeping through and tickling my toes.
Reflections of the troubled waters beneath my folded form. Fingers twirling causing multiple ripple effects to the icy cold drops. Shadows playing tentatively behind hooded past, my present and future in reform.
The world we are in isn’t what it lays bare to be careful to tread lightly because nothing is what it seems.
Visions distorted, nothing left to be seen I unfold and walk on..steadily into the sea.
Water high up my thighs, water in my hide. Hands outstretched , head thrown back to the air and closed lids whilst  breathing in the peace of nature in total glee.
Waves unpon waves threaten to take me away and lost at deep sea. But strong will and determination gets me rooted as though a rock , unwavered despite the impending storm.
I let out the rants I let out the roar. The torments of the wronged and the life of an eagle to soar. The heavy heart purged and the peace refuelled.  I twirled in that cold water…I stepped on the rocks. I sang out the chants and emotions untold. For each passing moment life returned…Every detail, every ones lost. And from within the happiness and laughter bubbled up and popped out like flowers on spring. ..I knew eventually ..I would be free.
With each step backing away from the claws of the deep sea. The scars of yesterday left behind floating and soaking deep within. Always to be forgotten,  never to be seen. For what was lost is gone and what is yet..will be reborn. For indeed there is hope for those who still see the light..and that is a dream to hold on to..never to dwell nor grudge on the unkindness of  unfetterred Ravens .


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