The DAMNED 2! !


The DAMNED 2!!!


Her mother cried out.
It’s been going on for hours , the pain..The pain of pushing her out.
Her father had paced up and down for hours. Midwives ran in and out. Water and blood. Wet and dry towels exchanging hands.
The night was chill. The breeze blew in teasing the candle light. And everywhere was still except the screaming woman down the hall.

In the 13th hour, her loudest shrill was heard..the walls shook from her peircing scream and the noise seized as soon as it began. She came out..beautiful as she was tiny. But she didn’t bellow like other children did, not even when they pinched her a little nor slapped her baby bottom. Or dangled her from her legs upside down.
She was bright -eyed and full of life. But her thinned lips never parted not even for a baby cry or baby babbles.  That was when they knew she was different.  And the news spread like wide fire. .The devils child was born. The family is cursed. “DEATH TO THEM. DEATH TO THEM ALL!!!”
…she grew up with those chants in her head. Untill they came ..that night…and brought her..her and her family to their end.. but that isn’t where the story ends…
Infact that was just the begining.


The smoke had danced away with the morning light .
All that was left were ashes and bones..and what “used to be”, and with a quiet solemn stance.. they all that did this evil. .went on their knees..and prayed to the god of the land..thanking him for giving them this vision to rid their land from the evil unpon them.
Each picking up his weapon., they turned away..showing their recinding back while the blackness was left behind ..Each returning to his life. Each dusting it off as though they just killed a fly. Each forgetting that ‘a life for a life”  would be metted out from one who breaths revenge.  It didn’t matter if she was just a child.
It was dark.. dark when she opened her eyes. Dark when all she saw were ashes and all that she felt were chills. Dark when she staggered and all her bones cracked. Dark when she walked out of that blackness..staring at what used to be..her home..her family ..Gone with the night.
With each step..her tears flowed. With each step..her hands formed into a fist. With each step her lips moved..
With each step her heart pain. .
And eventually when all was faded behind her..with each step..venturing into a journey of no return..she turned and faced the town..and when her lips moved. ..The words formed..saying..
“Indeed…I am the devils spawn. Not spawned out of his lions. But out of your hatred. Not birthed through his whore’s legs..but birthed from death.
Not vengeful by will..but by choice..
And I will be your end as you have being mine..and I will met out and eye for an eye..mother for mother. Father for father. Child for child. I am the DAMNED.  And am coming for you”…!!!

The wind heard her. The sea bellowed. The earth sang and nature welcomed her. And all went for the crying child that no one ever saw..but the tiny whimpering heard under their window or under their bed..or the ghost of a little girl who never leaves unless someone ends up dead..burned to ashes, shoulders without head or a child found under the tree without a heart in her chest..

The cries of the city was everytime heard. Of a vengeful little spirit who ventured in and out without a sound but left leaving death in its wake.
And when the story was the little wee ones…
“Never look unpon a child without a face..For once unpon a time…she was the one who was killed but who came back for revenge and metted out everyone what he deserved.””..



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