All fun and what – not? ?


All fun and what – not? ??


He eyed her clutching  her bag to her bosom and sitting crosslegged at the edge of his bed. Looking around the room ..maybe for an escape route. He chuckled under his breath.
He had already unbuttoned his shirt and removed the buckle of his belt..
He was thankful for Nepa. The unbearable heat these days could roast a life chicken. Apparently from the jist going around, “the last person entering hell didnt bother to shut the door after him”.
He sighed.
Atleast he wouldn’t be dripping sweat all over her lucious body. He licked his lips and went to her.
She wasn’t about to give in easily. She shifted away when he tried to touch her. Turned her face away when he tried to kiss her. Already eyeing him as he was half dressed.
“There was no way she was going to leave this house without tasting her cookies..! God knew it and he knew it ..all that was left was that she knew it too”…He mused .
“Baby…what is wrong naw??”..He asked giving her puppy eyes”

“Chidi. .shei you told me that you just wanted to pick something from your house and that you would escort me back home.  But we have been here for over 30 minutes and you don’t want to leave. And you are here removing your shirt…why??”

* should I start? Isn’t it pretty obvious that I want to tear you apart. Kiss your lips up there and kiss your lips down there. Feel your soft skin under my hard austere ..listen to your moan while I enter into your wet soft gates and shatter myself within. ..*…He thought to himself…

“Well babes..The weather is hot. .and besides we arent really in a hurry. I got you snacks and you haven’t even touched it. Plus I wanted to talk to you without all the peircing eyes and curious ears. Can’t I have a little alone time with my baby..or you don’t like me that much??”..

She was silent..
“Don’t be silly you know I do. ”

“ why can’t we be alone for five minutes? “.

“Chidi this is getting to 40 minutes !!”  Her straight face only made her cuter.

He touched her chin and pulled her nose.
“Who is counting??”.


He laughed.

“Ok am sorry. Ok let me be honest. “….*a little honesty doesn’t kill no body…* he mused.

“ know I love you right? ”

  * even his boy knew that was a fat lie. Tell her you want to screw her already. Am dying here ” . It kicked him between his legs..He crossed his legs to stop his bulge from showing.

She nodded shyly.

“Ok. So I just want to hug you a little and kiss you a little and I don’t want to do that out there. And if you love me I think it shouldn’t be a problem. Or you don’t love me..its that it. don’t right?? He feigned anger.. turning away..making to stand up

Her hand stopped him

“Why are you saying this . You know I do. I have told you before. But know I can’t kiss you. My mother will beat me”..

“Come let’s go outside. Before she would come home and find out I left the house since 10 am. Please Chidi.  We can talk on phone”..

“No!”  He slapped her hand away .
“We have been talking on phone for weeks now. I see you every once in a while and it’s always at kitchen Republic and only for 10 minutes. Don’t I take care of you and buy you things . You are my girlfriend and I treat you to all niceties. But only one thing I ask…just one tiny little thing…very featherlight ..and you refuse. You don’t love me.

“Oya it’s fine . I don’t want again. Come let’s go . Let me take you home. If you see me with someone else don’t get mad or jealous you hear”…

He gets up now..buttoning his shirt . Not looking at her . His boy kept kicking him..
“Down boy!!” He ordered.

She rushed and wraps her hand around him and sobbing into his back…
“Baby no am sorry. Pleas don’t me mad. Forgive me..Please baby.. just a kiss right??..then I will let you kiss me. After then we go…right??”..

He smiled over her head.
“Girls are such gullible creatures . A show of anger and pretence and she is here giving in. “..

He raised her head by placing a finger under her chin and lifting her head up..

“Just a kiss .. I promise !!”

She closed her eyes, pouting her mouth.

He pulled her to the bed..her eyes shoots open…
“Hey relax ” he cuts in…

“I want you to be relaxed and comfy..when i want to hug and kiss my girlfriend okay?

“But?? ” She tried to protest.

“No buts baby…if you don’t like it..stop me ok??..

She resigned herself and nods..

He pulls her down on the bed..and pushes  her back slowly to lie on her back..while he lays down beside her..

He stares into her eyes…she stares back..
“You are so beautiful Amara. .so so beautiful. .and you can bring any sane man to his knees  my angelic queen”…

She blushed. .

“Girls love that shit”…He chuckled under his breath before he closed the distance and captured her lips with his..

And ofcos he knew he wasn’t stopping there…

While kissing her he was undressing himself..
While kissing her he unbottoned her top..
While kissing her her was already halfway at the gate  ..

“Chidi…Please stop..Please stop…you said just a kiss…baby…you promised”…

She tried to pull away…or push him away..

“Let me..jist a little ..just a tap to the gate and I would get up…baby..just a knock..i promise””

“You promise??”

“A scouts honour!!!

*Wtf does that even mean?*…He chuckled but managed to keep a straight face.

*dude…am gat this or should i? ?”.. his boy had grown to his full height ..He was going to roar soon..

*Shut up! I got this..*

“Amara…itty tiny knock…C’mon. ..your mum would  be heading home soon. We wasting time…” he pleaded.

“Do it for your baby. If you love me this wont even matter. Baby…baby??”

She sighed..
“Just a little Chidi. .?? Promise??

He nodded ..him and his boi with him.
But he knew that’s a promise he don’t intend to keep…

“Girls are such gullible creatures”…was the last thing he said before he slid all the way in..



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