Journeying into the heart of the crowded city!


Journeying into the heart of the crowded city…


Waking up too early for my own good. Still Groggy – eyed from last ‘ s night’s prep. I lazily dragged myself from the bed and let the cold shower simmer down the overbearing heat breaking out untold sweats able to fill a small cup. #Sigh
“5:15” he said. I got there just in time. The reception was just a tiny bit crowded with folks of different works of lives. My bag on my knee, i picked a seat and stared at the muted screen showing a Chinese airforce fleek, and smiled at the sighs of people who wanted it changed to something more local. Rather a Muted Chinese fleek than a loud senseless local film with too much cleavage and tight straw skirts and americanos wanna -bes. I shook my head muting out their sighs and cuss.
It was still too dark.
I saw shadows and faces, heard murmurs and click of heels and sounds of chains and then the on and off flicker of phone lights trying to see through the dark.
I waited patiently until people started filing into the bus.
“So much for early timers”…I rolled my eyes.
He walks up to me, wearing green which happened to be their staff uniform.
“Your change ma’am!!” ..I thanked him collecting what was due me. But his hand wouldn’t let go..I tugged at the loose change he was hanging to..then I look up, with my eyebrows lifted as well…like “TF?”
He smiled sheepishly..
“Are you married. .I like you..are you married??”..
I didnt smile back. I still had the questioning look going on my face. I swear I wasn’t looking him up and down or about to go “sorry you aren’t my type”. Quite frankly I wasn’t even thinking anything. My mind was blank.  As blank and black like a blackboard void of chalk characters. .

I looked to my change that he was still holding  onto and then i tugged at it again.. and again..
He let’s go smiling…about to rub my shoulders..I shifted bumping into the dude behind anger flashed.
First apologising to the man who seemed to be smiling instead of been angered being bumped into. And then I look to him about to retort what was at the tip of my tongue.  Apparently someone came to my rescue.  Another woman who happened to be watching.

“Oga na so e dey do you?? 
“You no fit see person leave am..
Nai by force. You won touch am…if she slap you or insult you now the next thing you go talk na she lacks respect. 
Better tuck that thing between your leg and go before e go disgrace you for here. All this shameless men..” She spat.
The laughs that broke out from the small crowd made him turn red..and then he turned away going back to his station. I mouthed a thank you to the lady and climbed into my spot. Seating down and shutting my eyes to the wailers on the street.
I needed to sleep.
The seat wasn’t exactly comfy. But I had to brace it. .For the next couple of hours. So I closed my eyes..even to the pain behind my head..which caused a throbbing headache. And forced the sleep that had somehow evaded me.
He drove like he was was taking a stroll with the chickens. Stopping at every junction to take as piss, a poop or to eat. My patience was wearing thin. But when you don’t know how to drive or map out a town..guess you have to shut up and take the piss right?? Thought so. So I did. I prayed nightfall doesn’t meet us on bended knees.
Finally curving into a bend. My stop.
Indeed, I haven’t seen so much humans in one place. Stories don’t lie. Pictures don’t show exactly what it’s all about. The traffic wasn’t nice..I was glad to be on my feet. Stretching while my bag caused me to slouch abit as I alighted.
I wondered if the stares could mean “new face in the jungle” didnt matter. It shouldn’t.  I kept a straight face, with a face cap stopping the sun from  burning my delicate face. Placing a call to my final destination,I boarded my last transport and on getting there..
Walking down the not so crowded street, following instructions so I don’t lose a step my way and Mayb my head. Lol just kidding. *I checked my bag to make sure I didn’t forget my pepperspray*. All is well.
‘Wait am coming” . That was about 30 minutes ago when i got her call.But like I said.  When you gat no just have to take the piss.
So I sat on a bench. The breeze dancing through my loose top freeing me from the burning heat and the cab hiding my face..I bite my lower lip and waited. While I secretly mused how I was going to pinch Lauretta for keeping me waiting while my bladder was about to burst from compression…😆😆😆😆


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