Journeying into the heart of the crowded city. .


Journeying into the heart of the crowded city. …


We strolled together to the park in silence then she turns..

“I wish you success dear”  I said. She smiled..
“And I wish you success too. So can I have your number..just for keeping up and all that and all that??”
She brings out her phone and waits for me to call out my digit. I do that  and she goes..

“So back the way we came right? ?”

My thoughts was all of a sudden occupied..
“Er…” I hesitated.  ” not quite. I have to make a quick stop first.” “Plus you are heading to yaba and I am to somewhere relatively opposite from yaba. That I am sure. So you are to go left and I am to go right according to the dude who gave us directions  from the cold syndicate Audax room. ..”  I snickered.  She just stared at me.

*Was she slow  or she never gets the joke?? Mehn….that’s tough!!

” back to where …After here I mean??. I added.

“Asaba” !! She replied.

“Me??  PHCITY! ” i said with a drawl.

“You are funny!.

*Ok that was rhetorical right?. Just making sure”…i shrugged. .

*have you met my minimes??They are crawwwzzzyyy AF*
….but I don’t tell her that . She would just stare at me again. Tsk tsk tsk. This were those moments i miss some certain people who can take the piss. I shrugged again.

She laughed. Flagging down a bus..
“Stay safe”  she jumps in and waves.

“You too nerdy “.

As the bus zoomed away leaving behind dusts, I wondered if this was the last time I would be seeing her or the blackops syndicate had other plans for us meeting again. But that’s a story I don’t even know.. I sighed.
I re-read the message that came into my phone about 30 minutes earlier.. one word ..

“Anticipating …” then I smiled.

And ran towards the conductor screaming…

“Ajah ajah ajah ajah!!!! With With cracked voice as though he just swallowed a frog. But that wasn’t the only thing that got me wincing….his armpit was a forest and his fly was open. Thankfully it was covered…and my face was the nearly directly opposite it…

“Jesus!!”  I thank you for the ability to shut one’s eyes when one needs to. “Amen” . I look away and heard pple laugh behind me.
I turn…

“As if you no go happy to view him package “…

He was as dirty as his thoughts with a large front open teeth.

*my mother used to say..or was it my mother or I heard it from fashion police sometime ago. ?

“If you dont have nothing nice to say…don’t say anything at all”…

*oh mr you are so lucky I do listen to the elders…..soo darn lucky” I snarled  and looked away.

She tapped me, the lady beside me.
“Don’t mind this people. They are touts and behave as such. “..

“Oga!!” She shouted
“Close your yansh…you won show every body say your thing dey there???

He didnt even give a rats Ass.

“Its okay ma’am, I got black shades. It works just fine”..

I stared straight ahead all through the journey till the end.

“Hey stranger”…
That voice…. sounded better in person.

It was burning hot. I was tired. The traffic wore pants and had a huge ass. I was patched and I needed to rest. A friendly face would suffice.

I smiled up into that tall dark face.

“Shall we??”  ..The face takes my hand

“Most Def. ” atleast something to rest on. I eyed that broadness.

“What first…food or walk? ?” The face was towering me as it stared down.

*Yes I know am short you don’t have to rub it in. I eyed it.

“Icy chilled water and a place to rest my feet. ” I said.

“Your wish it my command. But we might have to walk abit for that. ” that lopsided grin showed slightly…

“But don’t can lean into me. There is a reason I gat all this..”  the broadness expanded itself in all its glory

*showoff* I muttered under my breath.

But I followed as the lead was given.
It was a tiring long day after all 😆😆😆! !!


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