Journeying into the heart of the crowded city. .


Journeying into the heart of the crowded city. ….


“Do you have to go??” She asked me again last night as I arranged and  packed my bag. Zipping it up I put it close to the door and sat on the bed.

“Yes. !!”..

Why was she making me feel like a man breaking her heart after a one night stand.  I sighed.

“Stay na. What are you going to Ph to do??” She pouts

“Erm….let’s see”..I thought for a moment..”get back to mylife” I stuck out a tongue and laid on my back.

“Another day please.  Just one more day.”

“You said that 3 days ago. Now its Saturday.  If I listen to you one more time I will be here till Christmas.  And that shit ain’t happening. Now go to sleep. You need to walk me to the park by 5:30. No tricks”!

“What if you wake up and realised that I soaked all your cloths inside water. Left you in the house and locked the door and come back by 11pm???”

I get up and remove the key from the door knob and take my bag and keep  beside me, resting my legs on it and then  I close my eyes.
“Just incase that your thought decides to gain momemtom..develops legs and hands and do it. Am just going to hold on to this okay??”.

“I was kidding” she laughed. .

“Yeah…am just being cautious too. Just incase you sleep walk. ”


I closed my eyes and reminiscenced on the past couple of days.

From the moment I stepped into the city up until now.

The meet and greet.  The laughter and taunts.

Her shrill cry when she went all “Sweeryyyyyy ” on me. To her sillyness and our crazyness.
To the late night jist and girly gossips.
Share of one’s happiness and one’s story. Understanding that life with all its intricacies..we humans need one another to live. And we need ourselves to be..what we are..what we need to be ..and what we would eventually remain. Understanding one another is a part way to forming a bond much stronger than we envisioned. And with that, our flaws and imperfections ceases to exist and all we see are reflections of ourselves in another’s eyes and we learn to love without restrictions….that’s what friends are for. To look beyond one’s imperfections and still love the view.

To the cold room of the Audax syndicate blackops and the cute nerdy girl back to her Asaba life.
To the short necked woman who almost ruined that 90 minutes but fingers are still crossed for some sort of miracle.

To the old buds hangouts and seeing the city.
To traffic and beating witnessing.

To the old face in the crowd that  the journey started as far back as the khaki  and that juice shop close to mamaput and that first conversation  that led to years of twisted friendhsip that had stood the test of time . To the matching clothingline and weired coincidental personal experiences and that same face with glasses and bashful smile that  sat across from me as we shared a chocolate smoothie and two bottles of iced shwreps and laughed over everything and took pictures because that’s how we are….always the crazies. Always. We know it runs deep.

To the first meet. To the first of many others to come. Having the pleasure of running a mile through that sweetened thoughts that makes fantasy feel like a joke. To put a face to the voice and a finger to the touch. That face towers over me, oblivious of the moving train of eyes…eyes with lashes and thoughts as curiousity sparks off lots, yet to be seen. Stories yet to be told..and a journey ..yet to begin.

To the crowded city of many opportunities.  The land where everyone dreamed to be..where life seemed to appeal to the lots of people scattered across the seven seas..

I reminisced on the days gone. On the friends made. Of the old acquaintances and of new bonds formed and dreams waiting to be materialised into something  more fbeautiful and I hoped hoped for better things to blossom and for life to have even better meaning.

Though sad my stay couldn’t be longer.  But happy to have made the trip.
Atleast I had stories to tell the kids seated under the tree waiting for tales by moonlight…and memories filled to the brim to last me a life time..

I turn on my side and took a deep breath.
There is more to life that meets the eye.
There is more to friendship than “hello/hi”
There is more to dreams than closing your eyes..
And there is more to love..than you and i.

Stop looking through the glass and standing on the outside…
Sometimes take a minute to absolve …twirl your fingers to the waters and watch how life changes from what you thought you knew to what you never think you would see..

Take a minute to breath. To live in the spur of the moment and let tomorrow look after itself.
Nothing ever did change from worrying.
Life is too short to be anything short of happy. So take a minute to do crazies. To have fun. To travel and forget the worries and taunts of yesterdays.
Take a minute to be you….the world doest end just because you lived …for a day…😆.

As I walked I paid the bus fare and walked to be seat to wait for the second bus… she tapped me..

“Be safe okay. Hope to see you soon. “…

“Thanks L. For allowing me crash your personal space …..”one eyebrow lifted in a lopsided grin slant.

“You were a pain in my.butt”..

“As you were in mine. But we lived”.

“Yeah”!! We did. Safe journey back. Don’t get missing now. And remember..hold your bah tight..with both hands.  I still don’t want you to lose nothing”…

“Aye aye capt!” I salute.

“Shei I can go home now you good?”

“Yeah. I have had enough of seeing your face. Don’t worry……” I tapped my bag when I noticed she wanted to say something else..

“Earring is  safe and sound..” I tell her

“Hastag ….”it cost quite alot” !!!…. We said it in unison and laughed.

“Go on get outter here before you start crying ” I nudge her out the door.

A minute later I boarded the bus heading out of the city. Seated by the window and watched how the crowded city suddenly and slowly faded leaving behind the dusts and me with memories I hope to keep..

I headed back to the city I have known and lived all my life..
To family..
To the hustle..
To life as i know it..
Did I miss it…

“Hell Yeah!!!!”😆😆😆😆
“No place like home..😍


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