Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. .1


: this madness called love …1


The Reflections of her beauty like a shadow makes my heart beat fast and slower at the same time.
Without seeing my mind trails the lines of her face.
My heart sees through the soul that her beauty radiates from.
My lips yearn for the softness of hers ..
My body is in constant battle with itself..
The constant bulge of my frontal trousers keeps me awake at nights unending…
But it is nothing compared to the love…I feel within when I look at her..
And all I desire…is not just a dance withing those sheets..
It’s not just our sweats breaking  out from our pores and dripping off each other..
It’s not just the music that escapes from her lips ..
And it’s not just the perfect view of nikki and vicky bouncing off each other ..
Or the softness behind her small form that causes my mind to rile up and my other self to go insane. ..
No. .
It’s not just about the physical. .
It’s more than that..
It’s has always being more than  that.

I remember the first day I saw her.
Sweet Amara,
I nearly tripped over a banana peel on crossing the road to get an okada to get into town.
She had been at her mother’s shop, arranging oranges in a bag for  a customer.
He was smiling at her …delaying to leave just so he could get her number.

But she was as beautiful as she was naive.  Though she looked young…but her body was a young adult…
Slim curvy waist and hips that dont lie.
Her bosom was specifically molded…
She indeed was a beauty. And every man would have killed for that.
Afterall it did stop me in my tracks.
But still…
She had no idea how evil men could be..how adorable when they wanted to get into your pants…I knew that much. I was a man Afterall.
But for some twisted reason…I wanted to protect her from all of it. All of them..
When she smiled…and brought out her phone. .Nokia 3310 to take his number…as he also brought out his phone to take hers..
My legs had suddenly had a mind of its own..and they walked to the duo…and I tapped the man and he looks at me..

“Take a walk mr. .you shouldnt take numbers from little girls.” 
I faced her ” And little girls shouldnt  give out numbers to strangers.”
Back to him   ” and you shouldn’t take advantage of little girls who have no idea what your motive is. Be ashamed . Be very ashamed.!!!

I felt him wanting to protest..but I wasn’t a blackbelter for nothing. My hand squeezed his shoulders tight..He slouched abit from the pain…then I released him.

“Pay the nice girl and be on your way”.. He was gone before I knew it.

Her chicks had turned pink from embarrassment.
Like everyother guy…I probably should have asked for her number to. I did say I was a guy right…who would see such a beauty and walk away. Who cares wether she sells oranges in her mother’s provisions shops close to where okada riders perch and wait for passengers.

“Let me have some oranges please?”

“How much would you like”?
She spoke well.

“About 50 naira worth”..
I brought out 200 naira. I didnt have change.

She packs it for me without looking at me. Then I hand her the monet and tell her to keep the change.

“No I cannot!! Please wait for your change sir. ” she pleaded.

She really did speak well.
“Its fine. You know what am late for work but when I come back I will get a another set of oranges okay?”.

She relaxes.

“And be wary of guys. Not every one of them have good intentions…” I added while putting the oranges in my bag.

“Do you??”  Her question threw me off balance.

And I realised then that.. .I really didn’t know. Maybe I just wanted the guy out of the way so I can have a chance with her. I felt a wave of shame too…

“Just be careful. The world is evil and the heart of man is desperately wicked.” As I walked away I made a mental note to never go near her. ..
From all my years of chasing the skirts and having fun….leaving at dusks after a game of skin and thrusts…I had never felt shame….I may had felt like a mini god….
In the arts of women…in bed…in kissing the girls and make then cry and don’t even bat an eye…
But never have I felt completely useless infront of a girl….Whose eyes were willing to trust…Whose eyes all my escapades were made dust. …and I knew then there was more to life than knew night stands and another pretty face in the crowd…and it just took that simply question to jock me up…
“Do you??
“Do I? ”

“Damn…I didnt even know ” and for that I felt shamed.


That’s was about 2 weeks ago…

Today…If was curious to see her face..
So I got up early.
I never get up early on Saturdays but today I did.

I walked down and took the next curve from my street and there she was…at her exact corner…
Selling oranges as her mother talked to a customer about to buy pure water from her small provison kiosk..

I crossed the road and approached her..

“Can I have Oranges please…?
“How much ‘ s worth?” She asked…. she was distracted by the dog barking at kids

“About 50 naira ‘ s worth!!”

She pauses and looks up….

Those eyes had plagued my sleep for some time now…..


To be continued. …


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