Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. . . 2!


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. .2!


Ever since that day at the orange corner… my head had registered those eyes in my heart. The way they lit up when she was excited. The way they dulled when she was sad. The intricacies of her face was to an artist a fine work of art.

I lived for that smile that tends to radiate her entire features.
My body responded when I was near her. But my shame kept my emotions at bay.
I was a man and I acted unpon the animal instincts in me. Like a lion I pounced on a prey and devoured. But to her…with her..I was like a puppy needing a pat. For her I was willing to curb my bad boy traits.  .for her..I felt I could do anything…even fly..


“You never came back to collect your change. You tricked me” . She said folding her arms while holding on to the nylon bag.

I stood legs apart and put my hands in my pocket. 

“I really was late for work. Plus, I wanted you to keep the change. That was the only way I could do that. Did I offend you??”  I was oblivious of the passing okadas and the way her mother was darting her eyes to my direction or the stern looks of some dudes wishing they were having a conversation with her.

“No. But I don’t take money from strangers. Mum always says to hand them their change.”
She counts a few oranges and throws them into the bag and hands them to me.

“That’s for the 150 balance worth of oranges. It’s sweet …this set . So you will like them”.

I sighed and reluctantly took them.

“Thank you. ”

“Whats your name??” Her question took me off balance. ..again.

“Bruno”.. that one sided grin. I knew what was going to come next.

“Like the bad boy Bruno”. .the one in the movies that always weilds the gun and takes girls without their will??”

Even my name made me feel like shit…only her could make me feel like shit.

“Well, it’s just a name. My other name is Peter. As in, Bruno Peters Amachree.” I finished. Surely I don’t sound like am trying to hard.? I hoped.

“Peters is find. Peter is fine”

“And yours? ” I asked. I looked up and noticed her mother was heading towards us.  My first instinct was to leave. But then again, I wasn’t doing anything…remotely..wrong..right?

“Amara. Amara micheals”.. she smiled.    Even her dentition mocked me.

“My son! I hope there is no problem??” She came and stood behind her daughter.
I knew there was a place she had to get such beauty from. Up close her mom was a reflection of her…but only older..and for some strange reason I wondered where her father/husband was.

“No ma’am. I just wonder why Amara no de go school. Every time I pass I always they see am for here they sell oranges. E no good na.”  Where the hell did that come from??? I shifted my weight from one leg to the other..and held my breath.

That deep sigh. That sadness in her eyes shone briefly before it disappeared.

“My son…life happened. But we are thankful.  Atleast my Amara don finish secondary school but money no dey to further her education na. Weitin man pikin go do?? ” She replied back in the pidgin dialect.

“Him papa …leave us go since him been they wear napkin. And I lose my big shop and money for that fire wei engulf the market years ago….and every since then…life don hard well well. ”   I felt her pain and struggle. As though she also was waiting for someone to ask so she could talk. I shook my head.

“Its well ma. God go provide hmmmm. ? Him no go allow una suffer till the end. ” I take her hand and patted it.

“God bless you my son!! She replied and left us alone again.

I swear it wasn’t intentional. I had no idea where I hid all my compassionate side. Like I had to ask myself….”Who the hell are you?? What did you do to me??”

I knew…Amara happened.

As I walked away that day…
My mind and head was in a constant battle with themselves.

I opened my laptop and clicked on the Google browser. ..

“Thank God sales was still on!!” I breathed a sigh of relieve.

I carried my phone and called an old acquainty. …

“Bros, how far that money you dey owe me. I need am ASAP.  3 months is enough grace biko”!

I wasn’t thinking. I knew. But I didn’t give a rats Ass. 
Amara was going to enter school…
Amara was going to be somebody..
Amara this ..
Amara that….
My thoughts were filled with Amara..

I couldn’t wait for Monday. ..thus the sleepless nights..the eyes that taunts my dreams…that smile..that face…that beauty..
That Amara!!!!!!

To be continued. …

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