Hello sweetluvlies! !!


Hello awesome people!!

It’s been trully amazing to have you all take out a minute of your time to stop by, read, comment and like my work. I know sometimes it’s me just brooding over silly things and whatnot, letting you take a walk through my mind which is sometimes just a big maze. Listen to my thoughts , as i write a story, or take  a journey into crowded cities, have synergy of words come up take up my Wordporn-Series, infact having the patience to appreciate all of it…even though not awesome but nontheless able enough to keep you to the end.. I just want to appreciate you all cos you have been Aka – amazing.  So thank you for being there. ..

It’s the audience that gives my fingers the will to yap away it’s thoughts..yes yes…they have a mind of their own so I just let them do magic.  Lol.

So I hope you are are great? Family, and friends and work awesome? .and life is all shades of good with you.?  Fabulous then!!!
Here’s to wishing you a great day and enjoy the rest of your week….

And oh..
Silly me
.. I almost forgot..

So i was testing  the waters and stumbled unpon this..and went “Heh!!’ Should we try it out??

So yes I did. So I scribbled  down a few words and sent in my article and then…A few days later got my reply..

Was I excited?? Hell Yeah! !

So now what??

So…now I have  I entered for a competition and here is my entry story :

Titled :They came at night..while we slept.  It’s on the #TheWInkChallenge 

And here is the link..

https://thewcommunity.com/came-night-slept-thewinkchallenge/ .

Please please read, like, comment and share. And please Tell a friend to tell a friend to do thesame so we keep it rolling and see how far we go?

As long as its not too much of a bother that is *puppyeyes* . ..i will appreciate it if you can show sweetness some love.

If we.go far..awesome
If not…#shrugs ….i did get in…i will be content to know i tested the waters.. Thank you in anticipation. .and thank you for being you ! !!

But hey…with or without that.. know .. You rock!!!

Xoxo #Sweetness 

P.s she gat nothing but God’s love for you!!😆😆


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