Wordporn-Series :( Wordporn-Series. .Desires!!)



The music triggering buried feelings..
The lids of one’s lashes soaked with nature’s water
The thought of what ifs’
The lingering of one’s lips on your delicate skin.
The yearnings of hiding one’s self in the warmth of that  far away ‘ s embrace.. your safe haven. .!
just to hear that silent heart beat totally nsync with yours.
To lie awake and stare away into the eyes of one’s soul..
To want..to taste. .to feel..to savour..to drink..to be satiated not only within those white  sheets. .but also from the love within..buried within blood and veins…by skeletons and skins. . By water. .by mass..by all things seen but yet. .unseen

To have your toes tingled..
To have your conversation interrupted with a swift kiss..
To hold on..
To run..
To fly..
To dream..
To crawl..
And to run again and crash into you
To tiptoe and play under that chin
To curl up and get soaked within
To laugh.. to cry and to stay
Through the worse through the best..
Thick as thieves..stronger than glue..

To be..
Like those photographs from shielded screens
To find memories written in stone
To find that inseparable bond unlike ripped jeans..
To lie awake and wonder when time stood still..
To know. ..to believe..There is a reason your eyes fell on mine..and my arms found a way to wrap them around you. .
Knowing that I will be aways waiting. .till the end. .knowing that you will be walking  side by side..fingers entwined..because when they made me..they had you in mind..forget fantasys and dreams..
Forget realities and myths..
Beautiful still exists.. and you are my kind of beautiful. .and I love to run miles through that mind of yours..which captured my speech. .and robbed me in..
And you are my kind of crazy..my high. .addictive . .worse that heroine..
Intoxicating me like one mad..and for that I need no cure..
For if happiness felt like this..then let me remain insanely intoxicated…for that’s my kind of perfect..and you are all shades of it. .

#iwritethesweetspectives #IAmSweetness


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