Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..6


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. .6


The drip-drop sound of the water  woke me up.
The room was dark safe for the tiny moon light that seeped  in through the almost closed curtain facing the backyard after mama’s basira’s kitchen.
I walked to where the sound was coming from. .my tiny kitchen.
The cold played tentatively around my open chest..touching my side briefly. I looked around wondering where it came from…;It was raining..and the window was open. Ofcourse.
But something was different. .

There she stood.. almost invisible..backing me, her fair skin glowing in the dim light.
Her  short hair flowing to the nape of her neck. Her white silky gown. .sweeping her sides as the breeze took it for a dance around her body..flapping out on her sides like wings.

I stood transfixed. Drinking in her beauty with my eyes.  My heart beating faster than its usual pace. My mouth went dry. 
If I were an artist she would have been my master piece. Standing there doing nothing. Showing me all even though briefly. The shadow on the wall reflected the shape of her bosom ..like a mirror it replicated her beauty and smiled to me. Urging me to brave the walk to her.
And I did.
Closing the distance within us..I did.
Wanting her..desiring her..yet controlling myself not to unleash.  Praying to the gods to tame the lion within..me. For her sake.. especially for her sake.
I may had ruined alot of things in my life. Kissed the girls and made them cry.
Popped a cherry and said goodbyes.
But I didn’t want to soil her..taint or break her.
By god she was too fragile..I just wanted to protect her.. but I was a man. I am a man..

“A taste of her lips would suffice. A brief drink to quench the thirst of a hungry man” I hoped.

I stood behind her now.. touching her shoulders lightly..then bracing myself..I closed the distance ,closing my eyes and taking a deep breath smelling her hair. It smelled of roses and something else that i couldnt make out. But..her soft skin clouded my thoughts. I yearned for her.so i encircled her.
And froze….

Her voice came in tiny wispers as she “sshushed ” me and continued in her silent cooing.
“Don’t wake the baby…Bruno.  ” and sang a lullaby to a child she carried in her arms. And then…I felt a kick in her tummy..which felt like a balloon but only harder.
“Ooh..you felt daddy didnt you. .didnt you…” She turned as I backed away, showing me her large baby bump rubbing it with one hand and the other a child. I continued backing out of the kitchen while her voice drummed in my ears as she faded out of my sight..
“We have to go to the clinic tomorrow.
“Mother called and asked for the money for her new supermarket. .
“What happened to the car I wanted for my birthday?
“You said we were going to get us some new stuffs online..
‘Bruno…baby..Bruno. .baby..are you listening to me…Bruno .. Bruno ..BRUNO!!!



I felt someone forcefully shake me. Hands gripping my shoulders .

“Wha-what? ?”  I started.

“Guy. .wida you naw??” The shadow towered over me. I looked around for a second to get my bearing. The place looked oddly familiar but I wasn’t at my house.

“Bruno!! Should I give you a manual reset or maybe cold water would do the trick? ”

I could recognise that sarcastic tone even from a mile away.

It was a dream.  A Blawdy dream.

“Do you intend to get a black eye??” I asked  as I pushed past him to the palour. I was sweating.

He shrugs .and followed me
“And what was that about.. you came here last night and haven’t said anything  other than “you get  food? and give me your room key ” and dozed till 9am. Now you are having Nightmares. .??”

I sighed.
When I finished relating my dream to him,  he was rolling on the floor with laughter.

“Wait! ! Your orange seller aces her jamb and you are having Nightmares of responsibilities in a dream when you haven’t even tasted the honey..her honey ? ???  Perplexed look on his bearded face. I wondered why his need to look like Rick-Ross and Joe at the same time. But the girls never complained.

I felt like punching his face into his face.

“Her name is Amara you smiggle. And no! I am not thinking about her that way” . I picked up a book and began to fan myself.

“Yeah!! The same way am not thinking of making loads of money and getting out of this dump I call a life. ” Junior rolled his eyes.

“See..look that’s not the issue here. Guy! her mama call me yesterday.  Even send me text join” I played with pidgin and English as I got up and paced his small Living room.


“I didnt know what to tell her. I just became speechless. But I know they are expecting me to come see them and discuss the way forward” I paused and stare at him.

He seemed uninterested in my predicament as he pinged away.

“See this fool I dey talk to?” He dodged the book I threw at him.

“Charlie! !! Wait..was it me who couldn’t keep his tail between his legs when he sees a fine girl and lost all senses? Was it me who didnt even use this tail and his head instead of his mouth and promised her things he doesn’t have. Guy calm down oh. No disturb my chatting with the ladies. Afterall I already told you to go there and cancel your promises but you dey form “but what would they think of me” bulshit.
‘Oya na.. you be her papa.  Go and pay her school fees and train her. Mtchewwww! !”

I sat down.
“But you should have seen them. Amara deserves more than being an orange seller. Her mother looks like she has been through a lot already. ..I just ..I just thought I could help!’  Head in my hands..
“How do I go back and trash all hopes I instilled in them? ”

“Question!!!!” Sarcastic tone again as he began to whistle.

“See..go there. Feed them whatever story. Get the girl. Go in and  get out . Smooth. Easy. And a clean break. And disappear like smoke..puff!! Into thin air. Where person won find ghost??  He offered again for the upteenth time

“Guy stop your nonsense talk. I already told you I don–

“Yeah Yeah. …tell that to the birds.”

I sighed.

“Anyways I have to go by theirs..to end this.. I think!” I was indecisive as I got up.

“Am coming with you.  So you don’t Fxxk it up again. Make I take style see this Amara wei dey make you dey like person wei drink jokodo juice”…

I didnt protest. I could use a man.. to man me up. More like an extra pairs of balls . I wondered if mine was impaired all of a sudden.


“Haa my son welcome ‘ her mother greeted me with smiles and a hug as soon as she saw me.
“Please sit down. Let me give you cold beer to drink.” She pulled out two seats.

“Pleas sit down my son!” She turns to my friend

“Take you ma” Junior smiles and takes it from her

I didnt see Amara anywhere. Good. I should just quickly talk to her mother and be gone before she comes back from wherever she is. I couldn’t bear to see the hurt in her eyes.

“Mama I have come to talk to you… ” I began. Her face lit up the same time my palms became sweaty.  From the corner of my eyes I saw junior hiding a smile. The Fxxker seems to be enjoying this..

“Yes please go on my son”

‘See the thin is, i–” My brows was thickened by sweats.  I shifted weight from one leg to another

“The reason I came here is because —” Junior coughed and sniffed. I dapped my forehead.

“I have come to—

“Mama!!! I have come o” she walked in through the back entrance carrying a bag and places it by the grates of mineral inside the kiosk

“Amara Ehen thank God you are here..Bruno have come to talk to us. Come here. Leave those food stuffs first. ” her mother called out excitedly

“Okay mama”!

I felt him hold my hands in a quick grasp .
I saw his expression . I saw him move. I saw him smile and i recognised that look all too well. I saw my face in his, she too had given me that effect. but a different intent.

“My.son go on..tell us please” her mother urged. Amara stood beside her mother. She smiled when she saw me.and greeted us.

I sighed .breathed and continued.

‘What I came here to say was—

“He will be happy to take up all responsibility of Amara.  And to congratulate her for her performance in jamb. So ..she should start preparing . ” junior finished.

I stared at him.

Her mother hugs her. And hugs me and hugs him. And does a little dance.
He was smiling . The fool was smiling. And I was staring at him. But he was staring at her.


On the way home

“Bruno. .
Bruno!!! Guy…” he called out.

“See Eh guy no just talk to me. No just talk. I de vex’ I fumed.

He laughed

“Guy you high. ? Amara is a goddess.  See shape. See body…See babe. Guy I don die. I off”

“Yes..The way you opened your mouth your jaw almost dropped to the ground. And forgot to help me ” I walked faster.

“Bruno..Bruno? ?” He laughs calling my name

“Guy ..leave me'” . I turned on the next street and went home.

Amara will be the death of me and many men after me .

I sighed.

To be continued. ..


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