Wordporn-Series : this madness called love ..7



Tonight she stood at the foot of my bed. The room was dark save for the music coming through from my neighbour’s as zayn’s voice “pillow talk'” filled the room . But her silhouette made her all to visible as her white silky gown showed all her womanly curve , the mold of her breast as it stood erect on her chest with all its perkiness . Her hair black, flowing to her neck.

Her hips accentuated evenly by her side. Her belly button just above the smooth area , obviously shaven. .disappearing between two thighs. By the foot of my bed she stood. Her presence making me break out in sweats. But her lashes covered her eyes. .as one who is shy, but yet she moved and swayed to the rythm of the song, seductively so calling out to me in those simple steps ..she was a tempest begging to be calmed..and I was a thirsty lion..hoping to be tamed. .controlling my throbbing rise and the beating of my heart as I crawled to the foot of my bed,  daring to touch her gown..her face or a swift of her perfume. ..
‘Amara!!’ I called. .but when I opened my eyes, I felt nor saw nothing

I sighed.
I wondered when this dreams would stop..If ever.


“Mama, my aptitude test is slated for next two weeks. ” Amara told her mother as she helped to pack up for the night.

“Ehen, you will prepare well for it oh and make sure to pass. God has brought someone to help further your education so you better not fail. If not…i don’t know what to say sef ” she untied and tied her wrapper around her waist

‘It’s only God that will bless that young man. Biko bia!! Where did you meet him, abi has he come for your hands ???

‘Abbah mama!! Just because someone offered to help he has come to marry me?? Amara eyes her

“Hah!! Ama..am just saying nah. Which man will just come and offer to take care of your education.  You think he doesn’t like you.  Or want something in return .abi he is just godsent. Did you know him from anywhere before ?? 

Amara shakes her head .
“Mama the first time I saw him was when he came to buy oranges oh. Other than that we haven’t spoken sef one on one. So me I don’t know where you are getting your ideas from. ”

“Hmmm? Ok oh if you say so. But he seems like a nice young boy. Ok come and help me put this basket on my head Amara so we can head home.  Did you buy the kerosene?  So you can have light in the lamp to study for your coming test.  I don’t want candle on. The other day you almost burnt our small house down . Don’t give me heart attack like last time. Ewortala??

‘Hmmm Ah-wortagowm!!! I understand mama. ” She helps her mother to her basket then helps herself to one.

“Oya mama, let us go. “.. she led the way out of their small kiosk as they made their way through the parked okadas and few passerbys . Retiring for the night.

  A week later.

“Why do you need so much money Bruno? ?

“I need to sort out alot of things.  Owing people and all that. Family issues. ” he replied.

“What kind of issues ” ?David stares at him.  His hands folded across his broad chest

David works with diamond bank. His college friend who bagged a good job while he was eating off pavements at a I.T firm. But he rose to the top quickly …due to the fact he was stroking his MD who apparently loves them fresh and young despite being in her late forties but David didnt mind.
“She scratches my back and I scratch hers…well poke her through her butt chicks…with something apparently strong but not made of steel” he would say smiling with his open teeth .

“Bruno that’s a lot of money not to know what you want to use it for and when you intend to pay me back.?” David continued talking

“David I won’t be asking if it’s not important. Plus you know you owe me one..??” Bruno sits across his friend in his office. David has done  well for himself.  And he hates that he has come to collect what he is being owed..all this years.

David scratches his jaw..
‘You sha won’t ever let that go will you”?

‘You know I did. For awhile na. Infact I sha would never have asked. .If it’s not important. ”

“Tell me one thing. ..is this girl related.??

“Cos not’ Bruno looks away.

“So?? Should I hope on you?? Bruno asks as he crosses his fingers behind his back.

“How do you intend to pay me back…your salary is epilepsy…na once in a while you de see am. ?

“David…its me Bruno. When it comes and how it comes you will get it. Just help me out. ‘ Bruno pleads. .

“Fine.” David nods.  “I hope we don’t get into fist fights sha before I get it back. ?” He brings out his check book
“And I hope she is worth the trouble’

Bruno tries to protest. But David’s raised eyebrows told him it was useless. He busied himself staring at everything but him.


“Ha mama good afternoon oh. How business?? Junior greets her and sits down.

“My son welcome. Where is my son Bruno. .He didnt come?  ” She looks around.

” No oh. He went to work.  He asked me to come and check on you and Amara and see how she is prepping for her test? ? He avoided her eyes.

‘Oh that’s nice of him and for you to make the trip. She is inside studying . ”

‘Okay okay. Good good.  Can I see her..She might need help to study . He told me to make sure she is studying the right things. ”

” Ehen?  Ha!! Well….its okay. She is behind the kiosk.  You can go through here you will see her. ”

Junior thanks her and heads through the kiosk and finds Amara bent over test books. She looks up noticing a looming shadow and started.

“Hey Amara relax. It’s me Bruno ‘ s friend. Remember me? I am here to help you study.” He bends as the fear in her eyes gave way for recognition.

She passes him her book..
“I don’t really understand the equations on this one though” she scratches her head.  He bends lower.  Her bosom made him lick his lips.

‘It’s quite simple actually. You know what…come over to my place. I can help you. It’s comfy and you don’t need to strain your neck .’ When she eyes him he continues ” I used to hold study classes at my place for people. Even Bruno is aware. So no need to fret besides it’s for your own good. You want to pass abi?

Amara nods her head.  ” Good! ‘” he scribbles his address  and his number at the back of her text book. ” No need to call Bruno he is aware and sent me. So you are safe. when you are ready let me know. I am going home now”

He leaves her , greeting her mother again as he leaves. She waves him.

Bruno alights from the okada , he notices junior cross the road from the direction from Amara ‘ s shop, not seeing him. He crosses after him..

” psst!! Guy!!! Junior …..guy!!! Where you de come from?? He walks fast catching up with him.

Junior turns on hearing his name..

‘I see you dey leave Amara their shop. Weitin you go do there ??

“Me?? ”
” No oh…I wanted to get Oranges sha but the one they have isn’t soft enough so i decided against it.” Junior replies turning to face the road and keeps walking.

“You don’t like oranges . Since when? ” Bruno falls in beside him

“Erm….my belle strong die. I haven’t had  a shit for days and someone adviced to take oranges with lots of juice inside. So naim make.'”

“Oh okay. No problem * Bruno shrugs* .

He tells him about the loan he took from David.  Junior was half listening…He was preoccupied with thoughts of Amara ‘ s bosom and how her nipples will harden when his lips touches it. He smiled.

To be continued. …


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