They say…


They say..


They say love is blind.. maybe they didn’t lie. Else the black heart of a stranger should have been seen from miles away. Instead all that glowed was  beauty, was love and probably everything needed to be seen.

They say love is blind..maybe they didn’t lie. Because years and months after the scales fall off and all that remained to be seen was dirt and disgust and ruins of a one’s special gardens left to rot . Maybe that has always been there…how come the heart didnt decern.

They say love is blind…maybe they didn’t lie. Maybe it’s true. Because then the evil that swarm behind deep blue eyes and a lazy smile, warm arms and passionate kisses would have been stumped and poisoned out of it hide. And true colours would have glowed, not a day close not hours lost. Not a heart ruined nor jars of broken hearts filled. They say love is blind…and yes they didn’t lie. Despite it all, the trap always always gets its spoils and the circle of taunts and hurts continue, leaving a trail of red jars and tears and a stranger’s fading back and another one curled up in a corner wishing they had known better. But it still is blind they say..and no they didn’t lie.



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