You remain God!!


You will Remain God


Let the wind blow and tear off the firmly rooted trees.
Let the water rupture the earth and cause it to sprinkle like raindrops on the skin.
Let the stars twinkle bright and the moon glow in the night and rainbow smile over the sky after a cry from the heavens. .
Nothing changes your presence.. nothing hinders it.  Nothing dilutes or distort it.  You will remain God.

Let the atheist claim there is no divine presence.  Let the fanatics add taxes to their extremities. Let the evil roar and let the world shake. .and the people wobble in their faith.  It changes nothing. It doesn’t take a letter from your name.  You remain God.

Let them chant and fly over the city and claim savior. Let them break their bones and eat the fleshes of their own. Let them dance to the tune of vanity. Let them say “I am god “. Let them..let them. It changes nothing. Neither does the heavens cease to exist nor hell turn down a notch on the flames will remain God.

Let the heathen rile in their way. Let your children hold on to their faith.  Let the trials and tribulations separate the goats from sheeps. Let the world bask in its ambience..let the children who know who they are take heed,  ceaselessly and unwaverly hide themselves in the cloak of prayer and the blood that flowed from your veins, creating a fountain of love and a bridge to eternity. To you. And let those who don’t belief continue to cuss and doubt. The day comes..the time all means let them..but by virtue of love…let their veils be removed so they know the truth. .the undeniable truth that you are God and you will remain God..even after all is said and done. #KnowWhoseChildYouAre!!


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