Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. .8


Wordporn-Series :  this madness called love. ..8


“I won’t hurt you Amara. .I can never hurt you. .” . She stood a breath away. Her soft shoulders felt warm beneath my touch. Her eyes not quite reaching mine.

“Am scared..I haven’t. .’ She looked away biting her lower lip. I ached. I ached badly..

” Please don’t do that’. I begged.

“Do what”.? She looked at me then. Puzzled.

“Make me burn the more for you. Am trying hard to keep me ”  ….looking down at my bulging shorts …” at bay here. And you standing this close. .your shoulders bare isn’t helping. And biting your lips the way you do would be my unmaking. ”

Her eyes sparked.  “Why??” She closed the aidspace between us..

“Amara..I don’t get you.  One minute you are shy. ..scared and the next minute you are a tempest. .Urging me..how do you expect me to tame the beast within me when you lay out honey bread scrums for me to pick. What are you doing to me…what is it you want?.”

“Who says I want anything..and who says I don’t want anything ” she flutters her lashes.. her bosom slightly caressing my chest. .her fingers play tentatively on my arms..

“Amara” I breathed. . ‘You should stop”

“What if I don’t want to.. what if…” She  breathed into my mouth. Staring at me , standing on tiptoe. ..then she bites her lower lips again..

“Damn it amara” I swore grabbing her by her shoulders …pressing her to the wall. The next minute I captured her lips in mine, hands going to her waist I pressed her to me …and …


I woke up pressing my pillow  to my body and my face pressed into it.

“Argh damn it Amara and this dreams. ”  I swore rolling off my bed. Noticing my bulge.

“Atleast that is real” I sighed.

It was 6:20. I headed to the showers


“Hay bae….looking breathtaking handsome this morning. ‘”  ngozi came up behind me.

“Goodmorning to you too NG. ” I sidestepped her walking to my desk. I knew she would follow me.

“So, my roomy is going out of town this weekend. How about we take the party to my place eh bru?

I dropped my files and rest my left butt on my desk. Ok!! Truth be told.  I was starving for some soft flesh beneath me. Ngozi wasn’t half my type but the constant  dreams I have been having of Amara is making me run slightly mad. Half the night am asleep with a terrible boner which causes me to have massive migraines in the morning…I wasn’t a fan of wankywacky so the tension was building up strong. ..a little ease of the tension shouldnt hurt. Should it??

She walks to me. Her tight skirt  as usuall showing her thighs.. her bosom felt as though it would shoot out of her tight bodies. She stands infront of me, soo close..too close infact. Smiling because I wasn’t pushing her away. .. I smirked.

“So what do you say bru..?” She leaned, her stance a perfect angle for everything actually.  Her hands found their way to my trousers..that exact area..her lips close to my ears..tickling my earlope. . “I would please you Bruno. .you shouldnt leave a girl hanging. .the kind of things I would do to you. ..would make you blush..and I know you would be man enough to handle it…” She squeezed. ..and then smiled when she felt a response .

“He likes me ”

“Does he now??.. just because he moved and gained weight?.I could be pressed.” I lied.  Yes…I wanted so bad to let it all go..the tension building within, all congealed and what not. But I couldnt sha erase the bad taste I felt in my mouth everytime I looked at her and then I wished the hands holding me captive was somewhat fairer, with beautiful trusting eyes and skin fairer than most..and her name quite pleasing to my ears.

I wanted no other person other than her.
I shook my head.
“Bruno you are going to shits. ” I sighed and took a deep breath. Taking away her hands and move her away from my body..

“This bad boy doesn’t roll like that anymore these days NG. ” ……I couldnt believe myself. I was passing up free food. TF is happening to me? Bruno the smooth killer  . Bruno the ladies man. Bruno the hammer…”get in. Get down and get gone ” . Damn!!!!

“Come on Bruno,  you know it’s only a matter of time. I have patience. .”

“Well, hang in there. .you will need it”. Going round my desk to sit down, best to delve into work. I ignored her. She sighed and walked away. I couldn’t be bothered about her feelings.


He answered his phone on the third ring

“Guy what took you so long..were you wacking to a picture of David Beckham again?? ”

“Yes. .and to yours too Bruno  boy. You know your body gives me the chills. Asshole” . Bruno ‘ s laughter filled his ears.

“So how far,  are we still heading to David’s place tonight? 

“Erm about that…I can’t ‘”

‘Why? ‘

‘I ..I kinda have to meet up my mum . She needed me to swing by the house for something . She sounded not so good.So I have to cancel. But you guys should have fun licking your balls. Sha.. and send me pictures” he laughed.

” Oh. !! I hope she is aii . But regards to the beautiful lady who gave birth to a smug maggot like you. And we would send your the babboon’s balls…I know you would like that. See ya son’

“Yea..see ya grandpa” Junior replies and the line went dead.

He looks around the room and smiled knowing everything was in order. He checks himself out in the mirror. … and nods.

There was a knock on the door and then another.

He rushed to open it and smiles on seeing his visitor. Amara stood there, shifting weight from one leg to another.

“Good afternoon.  I came with my text books and some writing materials. .in didnt know if you would have materials to teach me with. .” Her innocent eyes looks up at him

“No no its fine. Come in and we would begin immediately ‘ He opens the door wide enough as she reluctantly enters looking around. He shuts the door behind him after briefly checking to see if anyone was about. He turns,  smiling and rubbing his palms together. ..” Bruno you have a good eye for beauties ” then he walks behind her, his eyes following the way her behind danced beside each other.

“Today would be a good day” he mused..

To be continued. ….


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