Wordporn-Series : Rants


Wordporn-Series : Rants

Hours spent reflecting, brooding on what ifs and whatnots.
Recinding shadows , jars of broken hearts and that constant beep of the phone. The past calling and that intense feeling to toss it out of your tomorrow’s.
The captivating words that brought you up, breathing above water , running a mile in those thoughts and feeling alife, wanted and then all too soon it began. .all too soon the sun goes down…you stare at the nozzle as the water drip-drop to a tat. Wishing distance wasn’t the only factor and hustle on the streets wasn’t a colossal messup, that within and during the hassle…that tiny thread of need and want matches the other string of thoughts attached over that lone message. But then again, the constant excuses outweighs the initial sparks ..no early morning and latenight patterns.
Watching as cupid dangles his arrow and let’s it go. A heart struck..Two couples laugh into each other’s eyes..smiling at the ambience.
You sigh and clear your blurred focus…Sometimes it is what is it…
Another twist , another taunt and then life goes on..


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