Wordporn-Series : this madness called love 9


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love 9.


She sat there staring at the window, staring into nothingness as her fingers trailed the circle on her glass cup absentmindedly .
She looked beautiful in a flowery plaited dress. Her Collarbone visible on the V-neck design.  She heaved a breath and her bosom rose a tad bit higher…the roundness of her perfect twin towers teased my senses. The way she crossed and uncrossed her legs made me follow the movement. her fair full thighs caused my to hide my fingers in a fist and put it behind my back..she looked.

“Whats wrong Bruno??”
” have you been standing there long??”

I closed the distance and sat opposite her, the table dividing us. I wished I could yank it away.

“Just long enough to take you all in”

She smiled.
“You joke too much bruno” she tried to hide her blush

“And you don’t joke enough”..
“But…. I am just a man. Pay me no mind.”.  I followed the movement to her lips, as she sipped from her glass.

The waiter came bearing a menu for me. I ordered what she was having…and a doughnut for her to nimble on her request.

“Aren’t you having one for yourself. .?” She asked staring into my eyes.  I felt she saw through my soul. I shook my head. .

“Am not exactly hungry …unless— ” I trailed off purposely . She ached an eyebrow , I shrugged.

This was the first time I was seeing her in the open without the confines of my dark room and cold night breeze. The sun perfectly accentuated her profile…a sight for a sour eyes she was…but in mine she was queen..

When the waiter brought back our orders i got up taking it from him and sat beside her. .the table was too much of a distance from her. .

Yes I wanted her but not in the way I have wanted all other girls…a different face for my bed. No!!! Only hers was enough for me.. but I wanted her more for my heart…that seemed to beat more than normal, than for my legs.. that anything moist goes.. but this days. ..anything wouldn’t cut it.
I didnt know what I was feeling, lust? I could have any other girl. . Even Ngozi would be happy to. But yet..but yet. ..This is beyond lust. For I fear to ruin her. I fear to touch her..I fear and yet I yearn. …what is wrong with me..why does my chest burn????

“You are staring at me again…watching me eat and all that”.. she was chewing ..

I blinked.. my mouth watered …then I saw it. The Jam in the doughnut had found part of its lingering at the corner  of her mouth..and the glisters of sugar danced along side it..

“You have er…erm..” I pointed at hers and at mine..trying to indicate

She looked confused..
“What? Hmmm? ” still chewing. ..Puzzled expressing , touching her mouth and looking behind her..

“You have…er jam on your—- ”

She looks at her top and looks back up…and touches her lips..
“What Bruno. ..where..show me”  she brings her face closer ,but her jaw came upwards..

I thought for a second , my hands coming up while my index finger reaches for her face.  And in another quick second I swore. ..and closed the distance. .lips touching lips..jam and sugar and then wet tongue.. and then. .


*WHAMM! !!!!*

“Ouch!!!! TF David ????” I saw stars as I blinked once and twice to clear my head.

“Dude I have been holding the beer over your head and close to your eyes for a couple of minutes and calling your damn name and you have been staring into space, pouting and licking your lips like an embecile… have you been smoking weed or something relatively cheaper off the Streets eh Bruno boy???” He towered over me, with that wry smile of his as he washed me rub my head. I eyed him and the tool of impact..

“Here ” he pushed the cold drink to my head.. ” it should suit it.”

“You are lucky am in a good mood. Big or not I can take you ..forget the pains I would experience later ”  I winced when the cold beer touched my head.

“Yeah you could try.  By the way where is your side chick junior?….I thought we three was going to spar some P.S ..and I get to get back my gold medal from that male gigolo”……”he was lucky the last time.. but you..you would be kicked off that throne soon. Oh. ..am taking Barca down.” He sits and grabs the pad. Tossing me one..

“He said he had to rush home. Mum sick and all that and needed to be there…so he cancelled. ” I replied as I took a gulp of the beer and faced the TV.

“Oh Ohk I hope it ain’t something serious. Anyhow, more food for us” .

“Yeah your girl is such a dear…give her a kiss for me” I eyed the food on the table and licked my lips… and expertly dodged the hand coming for my head.


“Erm…” She bite her lower lip as she bent over her books, trying to solve a maths equation. A bottle of Fanta untouched on the table and hobnob biscuits .

Junior sat crosslegged at the other end drinking a beer and eyeing her bosom that was visible on her bent form. She oblivious of his stares.

“I can’t seem to be getting anywhere ” she sighed.. she had been here for an hour and all he said was that she should try to solve some equations and when she is at her wits end he would come in ” so that I can fully understand what I am doing ” he quoted.

“If I solve it for you here..will I come and solve it for you in the exam hall? Look you did good in your jamb but university aptitude test is a different ball game. And besides , you can’t cheat . Ok I will tell you what…let me watch you do it step by step.  Okay??” 

Amara nods. He gets up and sits beside her. And urges her to begin.

He laughed inwardly. .
He didnt have the slightest idea what he was doing.
He hated equations. Infact he hated books. He sorted and chased the skirts his  university days. .

“Yes …add this and subtract this. Ok then put a bracket here and there…..See. .that’s your answer ” he points and smiles…

Amara had a puzzled expression on her face. …
“But….but, using this formular I will end up with a wrong answer ”  she shook her head. Why did it feel that he didn’t have the slightest idea what he was doing..but she shook the thoughts away…

“Do what I ask Amara.  Are you more learned than I am??? ”

“I didnt say so..
“Well okay”… she did what he asked. A slight frown on her face. She went onto the second and third question.

Junior leaned into her , so close ..He smelled her hair which smelled of hair cream and  vaseline which she plaited simbe-style.

Amara felt uneasy. She didn’t like the way he was  close to her. She shifted .

“Won’t you drink your Fanta and eat your biscuit ???” He touched her shoulders. .He felt her tense

“I will. Thank you. Ok should we enter the English and government aspect. Am done with the equations I think”…

He could Care less. He felt himself harden..

“Er sure” …He nodded .

Amara bent over her books. But his hands didnt leave her shoulders.  Instead it grew warm and slowly descended down her back.. Amara paused and sits up straight.  She removes his hand  and then bends back to her work.

He moved in closer. Returned the hand and continued his movement. Uncrossing his legs.

“Erm..junior please what are you doing “?? She asked visibly uncomfortable as she stared at him. Her eyes deemed. Straight face .

‘I like you Amara and what do you think I am doing.  Just helping you out with your work” he eyed her chest , touching her jaw

“But you don’t have to touch me.. or sit so close. And you shouldn’t say such things ”

“Do I make you uncomfortable? ? Plus you are pretty..  and your skin is soft and you have beautiful breast.” He quickly stole a touch ..she gasped and made to get up. He pulled her down…

“Relax, I won’t  harm you.”
“I just want you …surely it’s understandable. ….you bring men to their knees..” he held her hands and pulled her close .

“Please let me go. I will go home and continue my work. I- I think I can read myself or ask friends to help”

“Nonsense !! That is what I am here for. ..but all books and no play ..surely you know the rest. ..” he nimble her neck and felt her squirm out of his reach.  It excited him.

His short was free.  His other self had risen to a considerable height. Amara eyes popped out of her sockets when he released one hand and gave her a perfect view …and smiled.

She fainted!!!!!!


To be continued. …


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