Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. . 10


Wordporn-Series :  this madness called love 10


I stood afar off and watched her sit and then put her legs in the shimmery icy blue water, then laid back with her hands sinking into the sand..her eyes closed with her head thrown back facing the sky.
The sun had set over the horizon, yet her beauty was enchanting.

The water creeped back and forth slowly as the waves came. .
Her white dress clings to her fair skinned body , her peak visible..only to the imaginations …only to one’s detrimental if you choose to linger..

While the water danced around her, tentatively  rising from her hidden feet in the sand with the force of nature ,to her Salis and then shyly trek down back to her thighs..slightly parted .
I saw her move, the part of body that makes beautiful music,probably from the cold feeling of the water as it seeped to her core, then she closes her legs abruptly and bites her lower lip, a tiny groan escapes from her lips.. I burned

I saw the water retreat..I saw her eyes shoot open and then with a final wave..like a thrust. .it came again, filling her up, a tiny cry and then a shudder, her peak hardened and her skin glowed.  I longed to be there. ..envious of the water and yet I loved to watch her release her essence with nature … but I also wanted to be the one who brought her over the top.

I looked down at me and knew I also glistened … and I traced the distance between us, closing in.

Her beautiful eyes looks up to me …

“I want you Amara and yet I fear once you know me …you would run and I will shatter . I want you and yet I don’t.  For wanting you means unleashing the untamed lion and not wanting you means I can run mad literally….but I don’t want you like other girls…I want you differently. …” I breathed into her hair ..

‘Yet you are a man….and all you see is the soft flesh beneath your bed…isn’t that all you see when you look at me?


“Be honest Bruno. …what do you want? ??”

I stare into her eyes. ..and all I see is innocence and trust..and hope….

“I want to protect you ..from everything. ..'” I tell her..

“Even if it means protecting you from myself”..

She kept quiet and still. The only sounds heard was the qwish-qwash of water crashing into the waves and hitting the rocks and the sound of my beating heart within my chest. ..


*buzz buzz buzzing **

‘Dude pick up your damn phone…”  David kicks me awake . I sighed

I must have fallen asleep after the game and due to the food I loaded in my tummy. I knew I would have to hit the gym soon.

“Helo?” I spoke into the phone

“Bruno darlyn…so I came by your house to suprise you but your neighbour told me you have been out for most of the day. .where are you??’

Ngozi! !!

“First off, how do you know where I live and the secondly hasn’t anyone told you it’s bad to go to a place, someone’s house uninvited. .and thirdly what’s so important that you had to come fish me out?” I sat up yawning and scratching my jaw. I needed shaving too.

“1. I have my ways and 2. Who listens anyway and 3..If the mountain refuses to go to Mohammed then Mr.M goes to the mountain. But in this case it’s a sexy lady pinning for you.  Come on where are you?, I brought you home made food. I know bachelors like you don’t know how to cook. I got Red wine and then am not wearing anything under my dress. Surely you don’t want to pass this up??”

I smiled.

The guys at the office beeped. That’s certain. But they also did tell me she couldn’t cook to save her life. Probably she did a quick stop at a fast food. But it’s the thought that counts right???

Then the thing about being naked under her dress I mean come on..

Why she gonna do a brother like that. . A brother pinning over a girl more innocent that most and having dreams of her sexually. 

“The devil is a liar” I muttered

“What was that? ?” The voice asked. .

“Nothing NG. Look you shouldnt have come but thanks though.  Am at a friends…and you know we talked about this. ..am not interested . You are a sweet girl and all but i have being celibate for a while.But thanks ” . I cut the call not waiting on her reply.I was going to shits. Passing up free food and free fuuuuuud. Bruno is officially P.Whooped.  I sighed again and turn.

David was eyeing me..

‘Who TF are you and what have you done to my friend????”

I had to laugh..

“Dav…guy….I have no Effing glue”…

He still eyed me quizzically shaking his head..

‘I sha would like to see the girl who held you by the balls tho. Damn!!” Shaking his head.. I sha couldn’t be bothered.


Junior sprinkled some water on her face ..

He wasn’t scared. He felt her pulse as soon as she fainted and knew she was alife.

He had to laugh. There was no doubt she was a virgin and this was all new to her. And the fact that she was innocent…too innocent excited him.
He wanted to be the one to taste her, before Bruno. 

Surely Bruno would be mad. That’s if he finds out, which ofcos would be unlikely.  He would have to threaten her to keep her mouth shut.
But then again she might enjoy it and it would be a game , a sweet adventurous games. Where she is the willing student and he the happy teacher obliging her.

He had to give it to Bruno.  His taste for finding sweet girls was remarkably and Amara was a rare gem. Such beauty.

He had the pleasure of running his hands over her bosom, it was soft and smooth.  He risked a kiss. There and then her lips.  His boner hadn’t deflated. Especially when he ran his hands over her thighs..touching her there and cupping her bottucks.

Having her while she had fainted would have been nice but he liked his women responsive and engaging . He sighed,  sprinkling water over her face again and shook her up.

“Hey Amara wakeup. You are okay. Don’t fret “..

Her eyes fluttered up, recognising her surrounding she sat up immediately , hands flying to her chest and then her legs and then her throat and her eyes pooled. A sly smile played at the corner of his lips..

“Don’t be silly Amara, I ain’t as bad as you think. I didnt touch you. ..well not in the way you think” Junior said pulling her to her feet.

“But I can’t deny that’s what I want and if you don’t think about it too much, you might want it too. Soo relax.  You are intact and save”  Junior held on to her hand she tried to pull away, tears trekking down her eyes.  He forced her close, she was shaking. She close still made him burn. He forced her closer, he wanted her to feel how hard he was.

Wiping her eyes…”Relax Amara. ”

“Please I want to go home ” Amara cried. Struggling to pull away only made him keep her there..in his embrace

He knew he could force her down and force his way into her and end of story. Deny anything tomorrow.

Besides Bruno hasn’t marked her that she was his or that he wanted to date her so she was fair game . Only that he intends to beat him to it. Bruno didnt want to admit he wanted to get in and get done too. Such liar

But it was getting late. She passed out for a lenthy period of time. Her phone has missed calls from her mother.

Another day. She would live to be ruined another day.

“One one condition. ..don’t tell anyone anything okay??” He kisses her chick and felt her stiffen. His hands slid to her bottom and squeezes while his hardness pressed to her thighs. She gasped.


She nodded and kept nothing. 

“Atta girl.  I will come check up on you time to time. Maybe you might end up liking me. Remember not a word.  I will take care of you Amara and buy you sweet things . Think about it..but don’t take too long. And he ain’t that scary ”  Junior points at his other self…then releases her , standing back for her to leave.

She didn’t think. She gathered her stuff . He held her hand and and walked her to the door. 

As soon as he opened it, she ran leaving a trail of dust. He laughed

His phone rang

‘Hey Bruno boy!!!” He spoke into his phone

“How is mumsy? ?”  Bruno asked

“Mehn I thank God oh. Nothing too serious . Doc says she needs rest. Thanks for calling tho.”  He opens his dairy and searches for a random number.

‘That’s what friends do men. See you tomorrow.  Dav sends his regards too”

“Oh see love. Tell grandpa thanks for me. Later mum” Junior smiles into the phone as Bruno ‘ s laughter filled his ears. Line dead

He makes another call..

“Oroma baby…I miss you. Can you come over???”

Someone needs to help him deflate his boner. Oroma was a fox. He was going to be losing some protein and a few cash tonight. .

But it would be worth it. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror

“Damn Amara!!! You can make a man go insane.” Junior muttered and then waited for his visitor.


To be continued. …


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