The Meet!!!


The Meet!!


“What I just want to do is go out. Take a few selfies. Look pretty, smile and cut my cute cake ” her sister said as she applied mascara to her lashes. She was dressed in a lovely flowery short gown. Her face a prefect beat. Her smile engaging. She looked pretty. She looked happy. She looked another year older.

“And would that make you happy??” Vicky asked as she sat on the bed and watched her .

“Yes! ! Yes it will. ” fiona her sister replied.

They turn as the door opened ushering the two friends.  Vicky blinked twice. Fiona whistles. And the girls laugh, twirl  around and takes a pose

“Yeah we know…we look good” they said in unison praising themselves

“Yes good. Too good infact.  Are you both trying to make the poor guys wag their tongues at you and pop their eyes out of their sockets? Surely you have a heart..””?  Vicky shakes her head. The two girls had on little to nothing to cover their body. Cleavages in perfect view. .a dress revealing beautiful thighs and too tight. She wondered if they could breath or take in water, atleast.

“Its a free world”
“They are allowed to drool ”
“And we don’t mind the eyes popping out. ”  They both replied as they go to take turns hugging the birthday girl and blowing kisses into air

Vicky gets up and looks at herself in the mirror. Barely a few months ago one could find her in a dress. Literally. Too slim. Less womanly. But in less that three weeks. Her chicks grew some flesh. Her too slim features gave way for a more curvey figure. Slim and curvey . Even her eyes shone in appreciation when her cloths sitted perfectly on her body. And today she had on a black knee length dress, she wasn’t one to show too much flesh. She was shy like that. She turns back and took in Monica ‘ s and Sabella’s look. Even the devil wouldn’t be able to hide his blush and stop his jaws from touching the ground.

“Am ready! !! Shall we??” Fiona called out breaking Victoria from her reverie .

She nods , taking her bag and joining the three girls as they chat excitedly , walking out of the house.


It’s been an hour, the chatting of friends surrounding  the table. The wine uncorked. Ice in glasses . Cake cut.  Flashes of camera blinding one’s eyes.  A small crowded room, and lyrics on screens as a few people graced the center and sang along, one after the other. Everyone having a good time, fiona was happy. Monica was up and about . Sabella was interested in catching a few eyes, crossing and Uncrossing her legs and pushing up her chest. Vicky occasionally caught her eyes and mouthed. ..”Bella,  really??’ Bella would shrug and then smile broadly at a brother who choose to linger.

Vicky turned her attention to the duo who graced her ears with their melody,  a song she loved.  And when the lady got up to go back to her sit leaving the other, she sighed and gets up. …her shyness dropping a little and only mounted when they girls began to cheer her….
‘Are you serious..
She going to take a mic??
“Vicky vicky vicky !!!!!’ ”

She shook her head, praying the ground doesn’t open ..and mouthed ‘crazy girls ” to them and then turned to the other

“Can I join you ??” Vicky asked,avoiding his eyes. She never could stare someone in the eyes.

“Yes sure’ He replied. Handing her the other mic.  She settled in and when they opened their mouth, the room grew  quiet and a few couple of eyes rested on them. And they sang,oblivious. Untill they heard the whistle and cheers did they realise their effect. 

He turns on his left side facing her slightly as the applause calmed down and everyone back to their distraction ,

‘This one’s for you” he said facing her causing vicky to turn. Then when the lyrics of Bryan Adams pops up, he sings her a love song . Vicky blushed.  Then blinked and then wished for an escape. But she couldn’t move her legs .

The ‘Awws” from the crowd didnt help either.

“Future mental note to self . Never ever volunteer to partner up for a duel ” she muttered under her breath and bite her lower lip. A few flashes of camera light went off. Moments captured. Tease and taunts lined up for tonight and she knew she won’t be getting any sleep with the guys ….
“Oohhhhm vicky got some dude singing his heart out.  Vicky this. Vicky that ”
She sighed and continued
“Mayday operation one…destroy sister’s camera.i repeat  Destroy sister’s camera ” she added. Wishing she could choke their giggling .

The applause.
Finally. Vicky thanks him and made to stand up..He stays her by the touch of his hands to hers..

“Hi, am Steve.  ” he stretches his hands to hers with one hand and covers the mike with the other.
“Hi Steve,  I am vicky.” She takes the hands in hers and shook it then looks up. He was smiling. A dimpled smile. Soft eyes . Dark skin but handsome. And his hands were really soft for a guy with his built.

“Are you single??’ He didnt blink. His smile didnt waver. Vicky swallowed and blushed.

“Yes she is extremely single and available. Apply in person . ”  vicky and  Steve turn to the direction of the voice and a few other eyes followed.

‘Sabella!!!!!!!”??? Fiona and Monica called out.

The expression on Vicky ‘ s face was epic and Steve laughed. Shaking his head . Vicky ‘ s chicks grew redder..

‘What??? I helped her to answer ‘ ” she shrugged .

‘So??” He asked vicky drawing her back to him..

“So its nice to meet you Steve.  ” vicky gets up and goes back to join the rest.

“Oh okay.” He watched her leave then head back to his sit holding a drink .


“How the hell where you able to hear what he asked. ??’
“I was listening. ” Sabella replied.
“Mind your biz girly ” Monica chided.

Fiona came sitting besides vicky.  ‘You have been quiet sister.. is all well. Or still feeling shy or slightly embarrassed? ?

A laugh. “No ofcourse not. ” she played with her drink. Ice , spirit and lemon seems to be her high this days. .she looked over her shoulders and observed Steve sitting alone. Fiona followed her eyes…
“Spill. ..what is it. It’s my birthday so I am queen genie and I will grant your every wish”

“Well, do you think I could invite him over…I kinda feel I walked out on him and all. And he is all by himself and we have free sits and the party at our table”

“Why not if not. You should ” fiona nudges her. Happy that vicky was coming out of her shell.  Suprised even. Vicky hadn’t given a listening ear to anyone having a third leg in ages. And she respected her reasons but if she thought that it was time.  It was that . She watched as vicky bite her lip. A puzzled expression on her face.

“Whats the problem now VI? ” She drew close,

“Well I want to but am kinda shy and a chicken . ”

“Right.  Ofcourse .want me to help you???” Fiona offered getting up. ‘It’s no big deal. I will go and bring him here ….for you.”

“Can you? Would you? Should you??????” Brows furrowed as vicky stared at her sister and the dude sitting alone bending over his laptop and then back at her sister and then into her glass and finally biting her lips.

“Oh don’t be silly.  I can, I would and I should ” and heads to Steve ‘ s table before vicky would protest or change her mind. Vicky hid her face in her palm and sank lower into her sit, her lower lip bore the burnt of her nervousness.

She couldn’t watch.  She didn’t dare to.  She held her breath.  Counted to a 100 slower and waited. In less than 3 minutes she heard her sister come back…she  let out a heavy breath and turns , expectant .

Her sister leans into her, “excuse me VI. I will be back girls. ” reaches for her drink . Steve wasnt behind or beside her. She risked a look. He was still seated but relaxed resting on his chair.
And just like that without a word of the mission, fiona walks back to the table with her drink and slices of cake in a saucer as Steve gets up and pulls out a sit for her. And in no minute they began to laugh and smile.

Vicky turns away. A sad smile in her eyes. She stopped counting. She stopped thinking . She blanked away the image of a dimpled smile and a voiced that tucked down her sleeves and soft palms and soft eyes and dark skinned person with and cute build.


Thirty minutes later,  fiona and Steve leave their sit and exit.  Fiona comes back in alone.

Vicky smiles and at her.
“Where is our friend. Has he gone ?? Sabella and Monica askes . She nods then leans into vicky.

“Sorry sis”!

“No don’t worry about it ” vicky replied. She felt a warmth in her chest. A slight pain. Then it vanished.

“Let’s dance” they pulled her up . And everything was forgotten.

Fiona phone rings and she heads outside.

Vicky felt bad. But she knew a smile hide alot of hurts. She held Monica and  Sabella’s and danced .

Fiona taps her ..vicky turns as she gives her her phone..

“Who is it??” Vicky asked, taking the phone from her sister. Who had a mischievous smile on her face..

“Steve! !!” She nudges her out of the door with a tiny laugh.

Alone. Outside .quiet. chest beating. .she feared he would hear it from the other end of the line. She sucked in her breath and released it slowly… and then said..




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