Wordporn-Series : this madness called love …11


Wordporn-Series: This madness called love. . . 11


She felt a shadow staring down at her , his presence made her hairs to stand behind her neck.
The cold from the early morning breeze caused her to shiver.
Yet she didn’t dare to move. She didn’t want him to know she felt him , close. Too close to her sleeping form.
She wondered if he could hear her heart beating . For it was loud almost deafening. She shut her eyes tighter,  thanking the darkness of the room for hiding her nervousness else he would smell her fear.

But he towered still. His breathing came in rasping breaths. She could feel his eyes boring through her soul. Kneading .
She sank deeper into her mattress. Pulling the wrapper to her jaw, folding herself and prays he goes away.
But instead he reached out. Tentatively, he rubbed his hands over her delicate soft form . Taking in the length of her body.  She felt him smile. She didn’t move.

“Go away” she squeezed her eyes even tighter and willed him away in her head again. “Go away”.

As though he heard her. He stopped touching her. For a full one minute all that engulfed her was silence. She braved herself and slowly opened her eyes.  Nothing. She sat up.  Looking around. The dark room was empty . And quiet and no shadows lurked around.

“Just a dream. !!” She sighed and let her back hit the soft mattress and closes her eyes again. Willing sleep to come. ” Just a dream’

Then she heard him.

“No Amara…it wasn’t.  Now come to daddy!!”

He eyes shoots open and she sits up with quick reflexes and then she saw him.
He stood naked infront of her. His other self in full height and he glistened in the darkness but his smile never left his face. She knew that face.  It was the devil.  It was the face of junior . She gasped.

“I told you I would come for you my sweet sweet innocent Amara. Let me show you how it’s done”.

Before she could blink he grabs her by her legs and pulled her towards him, opening her up and rams into her hard. She screamed !!!


“Amara wake up! !!
“Amara..Amara wakeup! !!!”

Her mother shook her awake, fear registered on her face. She had rushed into the room when she heard her scream loudly as though something evil had happened. She stopped shaking her when Amara opened her eyes. And looked around the room, shaking and then when her eyes rested on hers. She calmed.

“What happened my daughter ?
‘Ama relax it was only a bad dream. Eh?
“Chineke’mo! !! What kind of dream did you have eh??
“Was someone chasing you??
“Ehen are my enemies at work ??”
“God forbid.!!! Talk to me my daughter. .!!

Amara sighs . And shakes her head.
“I don’t remember. But like you said it’s only a bad dream. It’s nothing ”

“Eh are you sure? ? “Her mother asked staring into her eyes.  Touching her body and checking for marks and bruises.

“Yes mama. ” Amara lied. How could she tell her mother the contents of her dream. A man who had the face of junior. That same man who had come in the guise of wanting to help her study earlier , is the same man who wanted to touch her, kiss her and who ..who..brought out his ..his…”thing” and shows her saying .

She turned red.

No!! She couldn’t tell her mother. She wouldn’t tell anybody. But she was never going there again.  She had fainted and unpon waking up she feared if she had being defiled. But thank goodness she wasn’t.  But she knew he did touch her..everywhere. she had cried in the bathroom and scrubbed herself hoping to rid herself from his caresses.
No!!! She can’t tell her mother.

“What are you thinking about.??’

“Nothing mama'” she lied again.
“Go back to sleep.”

Her mother looks at her one last time . Sighs and gets up when she was sure her daughter was ok.

“Your aptitude test is by 8am oh. Shei you know??
“Ehen so you wake up early so you can go. Call Bruno and tell him. ”  Her mother leaves.

She curls herself back in her bed. Lost in thoughts.

“Junior is Bruno’s friend. If junior has bad intentions for her what if Bruno also does.
After all what does she know about Bruno? ?
He had come out of the blue..
From chasing a man pestering her to buying oranges and next thing offering to pay her through school.  What if it’s all a disguise ?? What if Bruno just wants what junior wants? ? What if it’s their plan..? Junior would have told him she was coming to his house to study . Surely Bruno must have been aware.

She turned to the other side of the bed.

‘Surely Bruno must be just like his friend.”
“But but…He hasn’t made any such advances.
Maybe she should tell him we no longer want his help. But what would mama say. ?? But I can’t tell her about junior. I can’t ‘”

Amara was restless. Eventually sleep  came. And so did the man in her dreams .


“Guy!!! You still dey sleep??” Bruno bangs on the door.

Junior lazily turns on his bed. Oroma had knocked him out. He smiled. He was thankful. But he wished it was Amara ‘ s sweet cores he slipped into. He how sweet she tasted when he tasted her buds and then her lips while she had fainted. He was sorry for not taking her there. She probably had come to and even enjoyed it.
He sighed. But it would have been awesome to watched her enjoy it from the very start.

The banging from the door again.

“Guy relax I dey come.  Want to break down my door??” He shouted back. Picks up his boxers from the ground and heads to the door.
Oroma had left.

He let’s Bruno in.

“Its 10 am dude. You still sleeping. Lazy arse” Bruno walks past him.

“Eh…its my damn house and it’s my damn life. Get with the programme ‘ He shuts the door following Bruno

Bruno had paused , turning up his nose 

“Damn junior this place smells like ass and rawness. Open the damn windows” he sat on the chair and fetches the remote.

‘That’s because I had some ass and it was raw. Why are you even here this morning.??? ” Junior opens the window  but he was smiling.  *i wish it was Amara ‘s. Her essence would last a life time* he sniggered under his breath.

Bruno laughs .
“Well today is Amara ‘ s test at the University.  Her mother told me. So she should be home soon. And I wana head there to find out how it went.  You know I have purposely avoided going there. I don’t want Amara to perceive me wrongly ..like am like other guys. ”

“Dude you are like other guys. You are Bruno the hammer. The baddest of us all. You get in..get done and get gone. Smooth. Even the girls don’t know what hit them till you out of the door and they keep coming back for more. Who you kidding bro??” Junior hands him a beer.

Bruno had a sad smile on..
‘People change. And for some weird reason. I want to be better. Ever since I met Amara…I just want to be better. Haven’t had ass in a while . Even NG in my office is offering herself in a platter of gold. But all I think about is those innocent eyes and how I want to be good for her.”

‘So you want to hit her” Junior stated

“Look junior am a guy and ofcourse the lifestyle I had lived. I won’t deny the thoughts . The need and urge when I think about her. But here its there thing….i want to and yet I don’t want to. I rather protect her than have her. And if that’s all I do. Then fine. For the first time am not seeing and girl just only as meat. I see her as a beautiful flower to be groomed and nurtured”

“Boring dude. Am half-Asleep already. Infact am a snoring ” Junior rolls his eyes.

“You just jealous mehn”

“Dude am not. Amara isn’t a girl I would ever look. Too innocent. Toooo-not-my-type bro. And i think you shouldnt bother too. NG is cool ”

“NG is a everyone’s-been-there kinda lock. You can have her. And Amara is decent and good. So don’t classify her. And am not even gonna think about her the way i think about other girls..  Am going keep my word.”

Junior laughs mischievously. “Yes you are right about NG.  Plus she isn’t a bad lay.” He whistles

“What you too??
“Why aren’t I even suprised ??” Bruno shakes his head disgusted.  Junior nods and laughs.

“Pleas go baff. Make we branch Amara side.”

“So David mumu finish raise you money wei you wan train geh you no de kpamsh? ” He joined Bruno in pidgin as he heads to the room to shower.

“I sha will not answer nor indulge your vulgar conversation again. Am a new man ‘”

“Yes and am the pope without a third leg. See how that shit don’t make sense son????”

Bruno laughs shaking his head.
“Bitter heart ”


“Mama I am home’ Amara comes through the back door , dropping her bag.

“Come. To the front Ama, Bruno have come. ”

Amara heads to the front area, picking up a orange to lick.

“Bruno have come with his friend Junior” her mother added over her shoulders.

Amara frozed.



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