The Meet 2 !!!


The Meet 2!!!!!


“Hello”?? …Vicky ‘ s voice was barely audible as she pressed the phone to right  ear. She wondered if he could  hear the beating of her heart or sense her nervously from the other end of the line. She took a deep breath .

“Hey , am sorry. It was really quite rude for me to leave without saying as much as a goodbye ” his deep rich voice, crafted with a finesse vibrated through the phone. She wondered if he was seating or standing or counting the intake of breaths like she was.

“No it’s fine . It’s no problem. You don’t need to apologise ” she lied.
Ofcourse it wasn’t fine. But she couldn’t tell him that.

“No it isn’t fine and I like to apologise for my wrongs. And erm….plus your girls were busy and your table was crowded with all the fun and what not and I didn’t want to intrude ”

“Oh I see??” Victoria said, resting on the stair – rail.  She bite her lower lip.
*well that’s what I wanted you to do. Intrude. Durhhh! !* but she thinned her lips instead and waited for him to continue.

“Yeah. Anyhow, I hope you don’t mind me calling your sis to talk to you? ? I would have loved to take your number but you were a couple of strides and seats away , so I took your sister’s instead.’

“Why didn’t you take mine instead from her. Am sure she would have given it to you ” she shook her head. And rolled her eyes.
*simple mathematics.  That’s just basic* she muttered under her breath.

“What’s that..did you say something??”

Oh shit!!!

“Er no. No I didn’t ” she moved away from the stairs and walked down to the other more quiet corner. Her only company was the parrot in its cage who seemed to be following her every move. She stuck out a tongue to it. It didn’t blink.  She backed it. ..she heard it move closer to the end of its cage..
Maybe for better hearing.  She covered the phone and slouched.

That ” Let’s see how you gonna eaves drop parrot” posture.

“Ok. But I rather ask the lady for her number instead of getting from a third party, wether the person is family or not. Force of habit if you will.”

She could tell he was smiling. Well he should . He just got a good pointer in her books.

Smooth. Really smooth.

“So, would you do me the honour of granting me your digits? ? It would be deeply appreciated. Then we can give fiona back her phone and erm……..” he let’s it trail off.

Vicky smiled. Her digits already at the tips of her tongue.
It’s only normal to act …reluctant and unsure right? ??

She paused and lets a full minute pass.
She knew he was still there. ..waiting. .

Well let him wait. He did leave without a goodbye.  Took a few minutes to call.  So if he waits another couple of minutes it shouldn’t hurt right?


She rolled her eyes and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.  Did the marcarina dance in the shadows. Poked the parrot. Played with her hair. The silence was closing in on her. She paused and wondered if he was still there. Or maybe he had already cut the call.

She quickly looked at the phone, his minutes was still running.

She placed it in her ears, silence. But all she heard was the drum sounds of her beating heart. She placed her hands to her chest, hoping it would stay it .  Biting her lower lips. If phones could sink into skins. ..she and the phone would have been one now. .

“Ready whenever you are”” his deep voice sounded as though he was standing next to her.

She yelped.

Struggling to catch the falling phone.  She could hear him laughing.


“Nice try Steve! !!” She recollected her composure

“Me?? I didn’t do anything. Am the guy at the other end of the line waiting for this pretty girl ,who did a sweet duet with me barely an hour or so ago,  to give me her number so I can have the pleasure to atleast hear her sweet voice again after tonight.  But erm…….who knows what she is doing .” A silent laugh.

“She is calling it out for him. Got a pen??”

“I gat one better… a retentive memory.’

‘Really now??. Vicky ached an eyebrow.

“Try me” confidence seeped through his voice.

Let’s see how “retentive ” he is. She flexed her fingers. Rolled her head anti clockwise and flexed her shoulders. A wicked grin on her face.



even the parrot was confused.  So were the new couple strolling into the place. They stared at her like “What gibberish was that??” .

Yes she was fast.

There was silence at the other end for a second. Then,

“Pick up”


“What???” Victoria asked. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket before the song ” Never Had” by Oscar isaac  as her ring tone disrupted the peace of the night. Even the parrot was impressed.  It danced in its cage.

That “in-your-face” move.

Victoria smiled. 
“Two pointers already. Cute. Really cute’

She cuts her the call from her sister’s phone and picks hers.

“So where were we”?? He asked.

“Well….it depends ”  she replied.

It was getting dark. The music from the small crowded room was dwindling down. The cheers and chants of the partymongers was cheery. The cold night air caused the hairs on her hand to stand. Yet it didn’t wipe the smile off her face .

Today was a good day.
Tomorrow was one she looked forward to.

Photocredit :Me

One of those days you like your face plain .
The dark circles under /around your eyes shouldn’t stop your shine


Xoxo #Sweetness 💋


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