Breathing walls.


Breathing walls….



The constant beep seem all to far away.
The tread of thoughts all but faded out of the way.
Electrifying notes via multiply channels seems like a dream, empty
Voice over miles of buildings and desolate lands seems all to unreal ,like never there
Phones tossed to the corner,
It’s destination not welcomed.
The wait,  the yearns, the needs and desires ……play like shadows as the rain drops beats against the window panes.
Wandering thoughts travel miles to that crowded city, wondering and wishing to walk miles over that sweetened mind that had somewhat shaken ones cores …Once unpon a time , once unpon a time too short.  .
Where did it go??
Wondering if life happened …or the sparks ran dry and it has somehow dissolved back into the maze …leaving just one side lingering ..yearning….Wanting …needing all alone in the darkness of breathing walls.

Xoxo #Sweetness 💋


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