Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..12


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …12


Seeing her in my dreams had become something of a normal.
But day dreaming about her too was another thrill.

Today she lay on my bed , chatting happily and eating from a bowl .
Watching how her mouth move was captivating , I wondered if she would like my rude interruptions with kisses.
Her eyes sparkled as she darted from the TV to my face to her food.

Funny thing I didn’t have a TV.  And my room wasn’t as immaculately Clean as the one we were in now. My bed was manageable but kingsize as the one we laid on, but that didn’t matter. What mattered that she was here, close to me and smiling into my eyes, my fingers a breath away from her fair soft skin.

The atmosphere was calm and my thoughts wasn’t exactly filled ; emphasis on  “exactly” ; with thoughts of bare skin against bare skin, sweats mixed, bodies entwined and tempos on a high and rise and music made of natural melody to my ears..
No!!!  Today I was content in seeing her beauty undiluted …and hoping one day i get to see beneath her beautiful , her imperfections and still like the view

I don’t know how she makes me feel, but Amara makes me feel different, want to be better. A good man,  who can  see a woman not as a play thing but one who needs to be cherished and respected and protected.

I don’t know how I feel …
I don’t know how I feel at all…


It’s been a while I laid my eyes on Amara, and that had being on purpose.
I have been expertly dodging calls and making myself available. ..

But the need to see her couldn’t be ignored anymore.
Just to see her face and make sure she is okay
Just to find out how her exams went.
Just to tell her, tell her mother that I am still going with my words
Just to…just to ..

“My son what should I offer you oh??” Her mother had pulled out a chair for me and junior to sit. Bringing out one for herself.

She called Amara again , indicating she should come out to meet them.

“Ha mama, nothing oh. I was just passing by and decided to come pay you both a visit. And to find out how her exams went. This days everything is computerised so they get their score immediately.  ” I said adjusting my self on the plastic chair .

Bruno seemed to be concentrating on his phone,

“You have done well my son. I have been calling you now but work hasn’t allowed you chance to come. When will you be free so I can cook sweet peppersoup for you eh??
You will enjoy it. Or gimme your address I will send Amara to bring it ”

My first thought was to say no. But a lil time alone with Amara shouldn’t be a bad idea,,to talk to her and ..and..
Just talk to her.
Nothing more.
Nothing right? ?
I shook my head .

“That would be nice mama, but you don’t need to bother ” I told her. Regretting . But I didn’t know if I could trust myself alone with her..and my place. I know I wouldn’t hurt her but that didn’t mean I didnt want her …prally not the way i want other girls but I still sort of want her in some way nontheless

“No oh, it’s not a bother my son.  It’s the least I can do. ”


Amara peeped from the corner from where she stood. Her heart beating fast in her chest. She wondered if they could hear it because it was deafening to her ears

“Breath Ama. Just breath!!” She said to her self. Her palms had begun to sweat and the fear creeped up clawing her chest..

“Just breath ” . She sucked in large quantity of air and expelled it out.

If she didn’t go her mother would keep calling her. If she did she might give her scent of dear away.
She was scared of junior and if junior could make her fear, who is to say Bruno isn’t just like that or even worse

What if all his good boy traits is just to get what junior wants?

“What if he isn’t like that??” Her subcoinscience asked

“What if he is exactly like that??” The battle inside her head begun.

“Shut up!!! ” She cautioned under her breath.

She didn’t know.
She is happy that someone out of the blue came to help.
But is it with good intentions or bad…
that’s a story she needed to even ask the gods.

“Amara!!!!!!?” Her mother’s voice pierced her thoughts again.

“Am coming” she pushed herself from the wall she was hiding behind and came out to the open , putting a small smile on her face as she approached them..


“Goodevening ” Amara said, taking a sit  beside her mother, face looking to the earth.

“Helo amara,  how was your test…did you do okay? ?”  She looked tired. But that didn’t dull her beauty even with the plaited simbe-style look . But why was she avoiding my eyes. Did something happen? ??

“I think it was fine. I scored about 198” she played with her fingers , still looking down.

“Wow that’s nice” Junior said. “Amara you are even more intelligent than you look. What’s the cut off mark for her department sef bru?

“Social sciences is it? ? Er it’s ….gimme a second ” I picked my phone and put on my data…surfing the net for the school’s cutoff mark. When I found it, I began to smile and nod.

“I80. You good to go. At this rate you would or might be on the first list . Nice one amara” I smiled at her. Her smile finally reached her eyes but disappeared almost immediately.

What the hell was wrong with me.
Why do I feel. …..

“Amara?? Can you please direct me to the toilet, am pressed” Junior asked.

A mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Dude can’t you hold it in…?” I elbowed him, shaking my head.

“Dude , how can you refuse nature when he or she calls. You can’t tell this things .”

“Eh Amara take him to the back”

I notice her mouth  as though one who wanted to protest..
Her noticed her voice wavered when she answered
“Yes mamaa”

But she looked to me, as though  pleadingly before she reluctantly got up and urged him yo follow.

“Whats wrong with Amara mama? ?”

She looked to the retreating forms..

“Amara?? Nothing oh. Why?” She asked me, gathering some oranges and peeling .

I thought for a second.

“Nothing mama. Just asking.” I replied

But something was wrong.
I didnt see the sparkle in her eyes, like the ones I saw in my dreams
I saw something else..
Something that shouldn’t be there 

And I feared she had realised who I am..
Or who I was, and that fear in her eyes were meant for me..

“Can I have a word with her please mama??” I pushed my luck .

They were gone for over 10 minutes . I wondered why Amara hadn’t come back out.

But I wanted to talk to her…to explain  to assure her
Am trying to be better. Even if I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me.
Just maybe, just maybe she still deserved an explanation albeit how little or senseless it might seem.

She looked at me for at second. And then nodded.

“Why not my son. You can go inside. She is probably waiting to show your friend out”

I nodded my thanks and got up and followed through the way I saw them go


Hiden from everyone he pushed her to the wall, grabbing her bottom and smelling her hair..

“My beautiful Amara. …seeing you set fire to my soul..
Kiss Me once and I will try not to touch you anymore ” he nimbled her ear.

She pushed him but she knew it was no use.
“I will scream” she threatened . But he wasn’t perturbed . Grinding her to the wall wouldn’t be a bad idea he thought.

“Well you could,  but then again you wouldn’t . See, feel how you make me react.  Just feel” he leaned into her,  his other self hard as a rock….

Her leaned for a kiss but she turned herself away…

“Amara? ???”
A voice called behind them.

Junior frozed ..so did Amara.

To be continued  ….


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