Wordporn-Series : Can I? ??


*******Interlude ******


Wordporn-Series : Can I??

There is something quite sexy about  you when you roll up your shirt sleeves. . Seemingly unperturbed about the wind coursing through your hair..
Or the fact that your arms seems full through those rolled up folds of your shirt..
Or the fact that your slim flat stomach disappears after your belt…tucked in beneath that shirt.
It’s the shirt.. perfectly showcasing that look…that perfect body hidden beneath those fabrics.. that when you moves ,i all of a sudden  become intoxicated..
Enchanted lost…dreamily lost. In the ocean of deap blue eyes..
And that smile.. that roguish boyish smile…pulls me in.. and I find myself drowning.
But I don’t want to come up for air.
Rather…I have a million things I rather do..

Can I. ..?
Lay me down by your side..
And let you run your fingers through the knots of my soul..Kneading !

Can I ?
Listen to the sounds of your heart beat..and dance to the tune of our melody..?

Can I. .?
Forget yesterday. .
Live in the moment of today..
And hope the joys of tomorrow. .with you..
Only with you?

Can I ..
Stand by the sink and feel your arms wound about me..
Kisses to my chicks.. beards of your chin caressing my shoulders…
And the entwin of our lover’s dance..
Cresending to the top and tipping over. .  falling over and over again?

Can I. .?
Dream of ever afters?
Flowers in winters
Sunlight in my eyes and your shoulder blades touching mine

Can I?
Wait for ever..staring into those eyes
Wishing for never…hoping for longer

Can I?
Be the picture in your photograph
Be inside the pocket of your ripped jeans..
Be the spark in your bonfire heart
Be the place you call home

Can I?

Be yours as you are mine
Be the pages in your book that you hug me through
Be the reason for your sweet smiles
Be  your love….your all and your one

Can I. .
Be the reason you come home
Be the one you run to and twirl in crazy feats of laughter
Be the one you kiss under the lampost on sixth street
Be the one you fall asleep beside every dark night and wake up to every ray of the sunlight

Can I ?
Be Your princes as you are my king
Be standing next to you right now  with your rolled up sleeves instead of wishing from the coffee stand..
Hoping you would turn and see through my soul.. that I have been loving you since the first day ..

Can I ?

Just can I? ?

#Sweetness 💋



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